6 Lessons we learnt from Get Organised with The Home Edit and how to implement them using IKEA products

IKEA X blivinguaeA round-up of The Home Edit’s Clea and Joanna’s expert tips from their Netflix show and the IKEA organisation products you’ll need to implement them

The Home Edit duo and organisation
The Home Edit duo are known for their rainbow organisation. Credit│@thehomeedit

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have made your way through Get Organised with The Home Edit in near enough one sitting. There’s something about the rainbow organisation systems, perfectly neat pantry’s and colour coded wardrobes that’s comforting during these unusual times.

With access to dreamy aspirational spaces – like Reese Witherspoon’s walk-in wardrobe and Khloe Kardashian’s garage – it’s hard to watch without adding items to your IKEA basket. But which products are the most important when creating a Home Edit-inspired organisation systems? We’ve drawn up the six essential takeaways from the show, and picked the products you’ll need to get set-up:

Make seasonal clothes bins

The TJOG Boxes are a perfect way to pack away your winter wools. Credit│IKEA

The professional organisers, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin recommend creating seasonal clothes bins for summer and winter, placing the relevant box out of the way depending on the weather. We rate the SKUBB Boxes and the TJOG boxes, as they’re simple in design and a decent size, plus their handles mean they’re easy to get into should you need something out of season.

Invest in matching hangers

If your clothes rail are on display, white BUMERANG hangers give a polished look. Credit│IKEA

In order to make your closet space the most practical for you, the duo recommend that you hang as much as possible – and importantly – on matching hangers. Black velvet finish STRYKIS come in a pack of three and work well for tight spaces, whereas the chic-looking white BUMERANG’s (sold in packs of eight) are a good looking choice when you’ve got more room to play with.

Transparent storage helps you stay on track

Keep your bathroom essentials neat with the SAMLA boxes, and use the GODMORGON to organise your pantry. Credit│IKEA

If you are particularly messy, the organisation gurus suggest using clear boxes to store your stuff – the theory being you’ll then be more inspired to stay on top of things. It’s also a helpful choice if you’re someone who loses things often, and it means you’re more likely to use items that get forgotten in the bottom of drawers. If you’re stacking items on shelves, the SAMLA boxes work well, but in the bathroom the GODMORGON are a must-have.

Make memory boxes

We all know that it’s our sentimental items that are the hardest to part ways with, that’s why we often end up with an overflow of items and no place to put them. Clea and Joanna suggest creating memory boxes for the things you want to keep safe. The TJENA boxes come in three different colour ways so look cute on open shelves. For storing things on top of your wardrobe, the TJOG boxes work well, and can also work behind closed doors for a more minimal look.

Hang things inside your wardrobe doors

Keep your accessories organised within your closet so you can see them when picking your outfit. Credit│IKEA

Maximise your wardrobe’s space by installing hooks to hang your accessories. According to Clea and Joanna, the more you can see of the items you own, the better. It will mean you’re less likely to buy items you don’t need and more likely to utilise the things you have. A PINNIG rack will work in a walk-in closet to hang your bags or coats. For a standard closet, try fitting a ENUDDEN hanger over the door and draping your scarfs/ belts over it.

Create a dreamy pantry with containers

Achieve an Insta-worthy kitchen with IKEA 365+ range. Credit│IKEA

During the show, The Home Edit team were very clear about their love for containers, or ‘product’ as they refer to them. A non-negotiable part of all their projects, no matter what the ‘real estate’ (area of organisation). In order to create a pantry organisation system that works, the girls advise using acrylic containers like store your food products. The IKEA 365+ has been designed with aesthetically pleasing food storage in mind. Say goodbye to ugly cereal boxes and store your dry food in IKEA 365+ Dry food jar’s and IKEA 365+ Food storage kits for an Instagram-worthy result. If you love baking, the glass IKEA 365+ Jars with lids are stackable and particularly cute for stashing sprinkles.

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