Clear home clear mind: Your room-to-room guide to the IKEA buys that will reduce clutter-related stress

IKEA X B Living UAE │It may be overwhelming when considering the entire house, but breaking it down step by step make a stress-free

Some say it’s a sign of creativity, others that it’s simply clutter. But whichever way you look at is, an unorganised home can be a cause of stress. On a literal sense, the notion of trying to find something within the chaos can make the calmest of souls irate…

But the science is there to back up the physiological impact, too. Just one example, a study conducted by UCLA researchers found that women had higher levels of stress hormone cortisol when they had increased levels of clutter int their home.  Unsurprisingly, those with a tidier home appeared overall happier in the study.

But we know becoming organised isn’t easy, and getting started is the hardest part. Take it step by step – or room by room – and let these smart IKEA buys help you get the job done.

Make a practical entrance

PINNIG coat rack
The PINNIG coat rack is the ideal organisation tool to have by the front door. Image credit│IKEA

First impressions are everything, as they say.  So, opening the door after a long day to disorder and disarray is hardly going to signify that it’s mentally time to switch off.  Start with investing in the PINNIG coat rack with shoe storage bench. This way, jackets won’t end up strewn over an armchair and your gym shoes won’t get lost under the kitchen table. For smaller items you need daily – keys, parking pass, facemask, the lists goes on and on – rely upon the

SKÅDIS Pegboard and the SKÅDIS Pegboard Combination. Pin it, hang it or stack it within quick reach of the door. Knowing that your essentials are organised with easy assess makes for one less stress in the morning.

Don’t hide behind closed drawers

If your idea of cleaning is shoving the clutter from the bed/floor/table into the nearest overflowing drawer, then this is for you. Catergorising and organising within the drawers is the key to a clear mind.  Start with the VARIERA shelf insert to separate and stack dishes and cups, and opt for the VARIERA cutlery tray to keep knives and forks in order. Solve the ‘where do the plastic bags go?’ debate once and for all with the VARIERA plastic bag dispenser and feign culinary know-how by stocking up a VARIERA Spice rack. Any other loose items that make for unsightly cupboards and drawers can be gladly homed in the VARIERA Box with handle.

Declutter your desk for productivity

The TJENA magazine holders are a sleek way to declutter. Image credit│IKEA

Call it being productive or procrastinating, we can’t sit down to work until everything around us is neat. So, when it comes to getting things done in the home office, tasks can take much longer than anticipated making us stress over deadlines and working into the evening. But if things are organised before you get started, that’s one less thing to worry about when the working day begins. TJENA magazine file, ALEX drawer unit, MOPPE mini chest of drawers and LILLÅSEN desk can help by storing away files, organising stationary, and utilising small spaces. Just identity the root of the clutter and pick a design that suits your workspace.

Create a capsule wardrobe for daily life

IKEA wardrobe
The TURBO clothes rack is the ideal place to display your capsule collection. Image credit│IKEA

Whether you view clothes as function or fashion, figuring out what you’re going to where can still be a cause of anxiety. But transforming the daily task of getting dressed into an act of ease can be achieved– and it starts with getting your clothes in order. If they’re overflowing, invest in an extra rack such as IKEA’s TURBO clothes rack or MULI clothes rack to hang everything up and space everything out. Depending on where the extra rail will live in your house, dedicate one space for everyday items that make up your capsule collection, and store occasion wear on the other. Shedding items you dislike and being able to actually see everything you actually do will make dressing a breeze.

Wash your hands of dirty laundry

IKEA laundary
The BOAXEL shelves make for total laundry room goals. Image credit│IKEA

Overflowing dirty clothes is never a good look and can be a constant reminder of that there are tasks to be done. So, when you’re seeking more mental space, make sure that’s reflected in your physical space by storing you clothes out of sight. Whether you have a dedicated laundry room or not, IKEA buys such as the BOAXEL shelves and JONAXEL frame with mesh baskets can both hide and organized all your laundry for when you’re ready to tackle it.

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