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The at-home wellness trends of 2021 that you need to adopt now

IKEA X B Living UAE 5 ways to invest in your well-being without leaving the house

Woman practicing yoga at home
Prioritising your wellness is important during times of stress. Image│Canva

If your well-being has taken a bit of hit over the past year, you are most certainly not alone. However, with extra time in the house and new ways of living, the pandemic has given rise to at-home wellness practices. There are countless research papers, TikTok videos, and podcasts dedicated to improving the way we live, with experts crafting ways we can feel better without leaving the house. We’ve rounded up our top five practices that are set to be the wellness trends of this year.


IKEA gardening products
Exercise your green thumb with IKEA . Credit│IKEA

A trend that started during the first lockdown of last year, gardening is no longer a hobby reserved for retirement. With millennials making hashtags like #UrbanOrganicGardener and #GrowYourOwn trend on social media, having a green thumb is becoming increasingly in-vogue. Whether you’ve got a garden big enough to have an allotment, or if you want to try your hand at growing flowers on the balcony, taking the time to garden has been scientifically proven to improve mental well-being. Pick up the basics you need to get started at IKEA, from plant pots to watering cans and cute tiles to make your gardening shots Insta-worthy. 

Bringing the spa home 

IKEA fluffy bathrobe
Don a fluffy robe and pamper yourself . Credit│IKEA

As salons and spas closed, people took beauty regimes into their own hands. But even with salons reopening, this home-habit is here to stay, as the appetite for at-home self-care remains strong. Boosting both your mood and self-image, a pamper session completed in a fluffy bath robe, is a well-being habit to make a part of your weekly routine. With TikTok making ‘no-heat curling’ and nail art trending, there’s never been a better time to get on board. 

Meditation corner 

IKEA Zen areas
Pockets of Zen are easy to create with IKEA’s soft furnishings and candles. Credit│IKEA

The wellness benefits of meditation are age-old, but 2021 will see the continued rise of at-home classes taking place online. To get yourself motivated for adopting this mindful practice, create an meditation corner using a soft rug –  like this beige low pile – and a heap of multi-coloured cushions. Sign yourself up for a local online class at Illuminations or download an app; we recommend Headspace.  

Lighting for circadian rhythms

IKEA's ambient lighting
IKEA’s range of lighting can create ambient settings that obey your body’s natural clock. Credit│IKEA

The human body has an in-built time system known as the circadian clock, which regulates your natural rhythm of hunger and sleep. With working from home becoming the new normal, research has that found altering your home’s lighting can have a positive effect on catching those Z’s. This year, it’s cool to take your sleep cycle into your own hands. One sure way to do this is to dim your lights of an evening, light some candles or invest in a light with a dimming switch.

Virtual classes

IKEA tablet holder
The Bergenes is deal for propping up your tablet while you learn a new skill. Credit│IKEA

The number of online classes and workshops we’re still seeing – aside from making us wish we’d taken out stocks in Zoom – is inspiring all kinds of new hobbies. From learning how to make Macrame decorations with Tribe to fitness classes with The Platform, lots of UAE-based institutions are offering classes to keep you entertained. And if you find yourself constantly propping up books, or boxes to hold your device while you craft or work-out, we recommend purchasing a phone or tablet holder so that you can be hands-free.

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