3 ways you can boost your wellbeing by inviting nature into your home with IKEA

IKEA X B Living UAEOur house should be a place where we can shut off the outside world and unwind – and with the help of IKEA it can be

IKEA rattan light
Slow down the pace and boost your wellbeing by bringing nature into the home.  Image credit│IKEA

You don’t need us to tell you that modern life can be stressful. But if there’s anywhere in the world you should be able to switch off, it should be home.

But if your house doesn’t feel like your own personal haven just yet, then it’s time to mix things up to create a sense of well-being within your space – no matter the size. Many studies have shown that inviting nature into the home can be an easy way to do so, without having to overhaul all your interior design and furnishings.

Don’t know where to start? Then heed these tips that will point you in the direction of the right IKEA buys to begin your journey to zen.

Bring the outside, in

IKEA bonsai tree on window
A bonsai tree is a cute addition to a window sil  Image credit│IKEA

Let’s start with the obvious – bring nature to your home by, quite literally, bringing nature into your home. Endless studies have demonstrated the positive impact this can have – from reducing stress levels[1]  to boosting productivity[2] over the years, but more recently, research has shown how a greenery-adorn home can boost our well-being during this unique period of history. A study published by Ecological Applications suggested that nature around one’s home may help mitigate some of the negative mental health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And with IKEA’s wide range of nature’s finest, you’re bound to find the plant that makes your heart sing.  Style-wise, we recommend mixing up shape and size to fit into different corners of your abode. The DYPSIS LUTESCENS potted areca palm plant, for example, is ideal for brightening up an otherwise-neglected corner of your living room, while the FICUS bonsai option will make a statement on a windowsill or a side table.

No need for watering the FEJKA potted plant. Image credit│IKEA

Forgetful with the watering can? Then shop the wide selection of artificial plant available at IKEA – we love the FEJKA potted plant – as similar benefits can still be derived by the low-maintenance alternative.

But plants aren’t the only way to bring the outdoors in – natural fabrics and furnishings will steer your mind in the same direction too. No need to redecorate from wall to wall (although we wouldn’t stop you!) but invest in decoratives such as the handmade TORARED seagrass pendant lampshade or the seagrass FLÅDIS baskets.

Invest in nature inspired prints

Floral bedding from IKEA
Simple and elegant, the FINLOSTA quilt cover is a peaceful addition to any bedroom.  Image credit│IKEA

You don’t need to become a phytomaniac to harness the wellbeing powers of plants in the home.  Taking the designs of the outdoor world and recreating them in an artistic form – be it a beautiful bedspread or framed landscape painting – can also evoke feelings of calm and tranquility.

We love the FINLOSTA quilt cover set for bringing the zen-inducing green hue into your home. With pretty pastel tones and delicate flowers reminiscent of an oriental water painting, this sateen-woven cotton option looks as good as it feels. Seeing as researchers have shown that viewing beautiful art and breathtaking nature can act as an anti-inflammatory to the body[3], this makes the perfect combination to help balance your well-being at home. 

URSKOG curtains
Bold and bright, the URSKOG curtains make a statement.  Image credit│IKEA

Look out for other outdoorsy prints next time you work your way around IKEA – from the URSKOG curtains to the BRUMMIG rug. It’s a botanical masterpiece.

Accessorise to match

Cactus decorations IKEA
These SJALSLIGT cactus ornaments are so cute.  Image credit│IKEA

We all know it’s the little touches that really make a house a home – photo frames, vases and decorative ornaments.  So next time you’re shopping for trinkets to brighten up a space, go with nature-inspired designs and shapes to help cultivate all those calming benefits of the Mother Nature.

Start with smaller items that can be slotted onto shelves or displayed on dressers, such as the set of three plant-themed SJÄLSLIGT ornaments. Camouflage within your plant collection or spotlight them to speak for themselves. Add a floral touch to the dining area by investing in the green floral SMAKSINNE placemats or adding the VÅRFINT cherry blossom plate to the table.

IKEA tableware set-up
A gorgeous dining table set up is an instant mood booster. Image credit│IKEA

And we don’t know about you, the one place we already escape to when we need to soul-soothe is the bathtub. Enhance your feelings of calm with an earthy environment – such as the URSKOG show curtain with tiebacks that showcase an uplifting print of supersized green leaves.  

Andddd relax.

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[2] https://journals.ashs.org/hortsci/view/journals/hortsci/42/3/article-p581.xml

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