Beauty lover? Streamline your getting-ready process with these organisation hacks from IKEA

IKEA X B Living UAE │If you desire a dressing table that not only looks like an Instagram dream but makes mornings run that much smoother, then check out these IKEA buys that deliver just that

IKEA girly dressing table
IKEA has a range of dressing tables and storage solutions to suit a variety of tastes. Image credit│IKEA

Dressing for the workday ahead, or prepping for a well-deserved evening out, getting ready can be a hectic process. Searching for that day cream you use every morning that’s disappeared or sifting through makeup bags trying to decide which lipstick goes best is a familiar experience for the beauty obsessives among us.

But the good news is, with a little bit of pre-planning and the right IKEA organisational tools, skincare, makeup and hairstyling can become an easy process – even on the busiest of mornings. In fact, nailing the organisation of all-things-beauty is the first step in streamlining your day.

To get started, read through our top tips below before heading to IKEA to find the great value buys that will transform your boudoir from infuriating to Instagram worthy.

IKEA buys to organise your dressing table

Step one: Drawing new conclusions

GODMORGON IKEA organisation
The GODMORGON range allows you to personalise your organisation. Image credit│IKEA

Just as with any form of self-improvement, it’s best to work from the inside out. Head to IKEA and stock up on boxes and baskets that will keep things in order. We recommend starting with NOJIG organisers, which come in a neutral beige shade and slide easily into chest of drawers, under the bed, or onto wide shelves.

Sort through your collection and group together in a way that makes sense to you. This could be simply skincare, cosmetics, and hairstyling products, or by how and when you use each item. You could have a morning and evening routine drawer, for example. Making sure every category of item has a designated home will enable you to upkeep your hard work.

For something with a little more depth, go for the GODMORGON range. With five different sized storage solutions in each set, you can work them into your designated space Tetris-style, optioning to use the included lids or not depending on how frequently the content makes a public appearance.  Running out of space within? We love that the clear GODMORGON organisers look chic styled on top of your dresser, too.

Step two: Playing dress-up

IKEA dressing tables
IKEA dressing tables have earned a cult fan-base, and for good reason. Image credit│IKEA

If your beauty routine consists of more than a face-wash and the occasional SPF, then you need a dressing table. Not only can you sit down while layering serums but having everything you need to take that Instagram selfie in once place sure helps.

Luckily, IKEA has so many beautiful options. If you like a classic white finish, go for the TYSSEDAL option which boasts a handcrafted feel and plentiful storage solutions. Three draws and an added shelf means you can neatly arrange everything you need here. The matching TYSSEDAL stool can meanwhile provide a place to sit and an area to store larger items – such as hair tools and accessories – within close reach.

If space is limited, then the stylish and sturdy SYVDE is the solution for you, or if you’re after something multifunctional, go for the bamboo NORDKISA. Now you just need the influencer-approved skincare products to match…

Step three: Light up your life

The symfonisk speaker IKEA
The SYMFONISK light is a multi-function light and speaker. Image credit│IKEA

Any photographer will tell you; it’s all about the lighting. But you don’t have to be on set to invest in getting it right. When it comes to getting ready, bright and natural lighting is preferable.

But lighting should also align with your mood and intention. As it draws towards the end of the day, and your evening skincare routine is underway, you’ll want to be signaling to the mind and body that it’s time to unwind. Warm, low level lighting can do that.  Opt for the cute FADO table lamp or the multifunctional SYMFONISK option (which comes complete WiFi speaker) to grace your dressing table.

Step four: Box it up

DRAGAN draw organisation
DRAGAN stacking boxes are ideal for storing make-up and haircare. Image credit│IKEA

Your drawer dividers may suffice for larger items, but more fiddler pieces will need further organisational power still. The likes of hairbands, makeup brushes, and cotton wool pads are best arranged within IKEA life-savers such as the GODMORGON mini chest with two drawers, while the SAXBORGA jar with lid and a tray is ideal for placing all your cotton essentials or hair pins and ties.

If you’ve got hair tools galore, the DRAGAN hair dryer holder will work perfectly out in the open, while the DRAGAN stacking boxes of three is ideal for hiding away less everyday items in a deep-set drawer.

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