Five ways to clean your home without using chemicals

Isabelle Pacchioni from Puressentiel shares her tips for chemical-free cleaning in the home

Get your home clean without using harsh chemicals that pollute the environment and your health. Image credit│Unsplash

Traditional cleaning products are often filled with harsh chemicals, that not only pollute the air in your home with toxins, but are also harmful to the environment. With more of us rethinking our environmental impact, switching out chemicals for natural alternatives when cleaning is becoming increasingly popular. And the great news is that using naturally derived ingredients to clean can still produce excellent results. Founder of Puressentiel, Isabelle Pacchioni shares her tips for cleaning the home with eco and health promoting products:

The fridge

Inside of fridge
Keep your food fresh by deep cleaning your fridge. Image credit│Unsplash

To clean the fridge without using bleach, mix two tablespoons of white vinegar, with two drops of lemon essence in a bowl. Then use a damp cloth soaked in the mixture to clean inside the fridge. To avoid odour, you can leave a bowl of bicarbonate of soda in the fridge or a bowl of lemon, cypress, compact oregano, mountain savory, oils in a dish within the refrigerator.

The carpet

Persian carpet
Say goodbye to unpleasant carpet odours. Image credit│Unsplash

To sanitise the carpet from smells, microbes and dust mites, pour 100 ml of baking powder into a hermetically-sealed box, then add 20 drops of Scots pine essential oil. Close the box and leave to sit overnight. The next day, sprinkle the mixture onto your carpet, leave for 15 minutes, before vacuuming.


Laundry hanging up
Add fresh scents to your clean clothes with essential oils. Image credit│Unsplash

Add some essential oils into your current washing powder – I recommend using two drops of tea-tree essential oil (to disinfect) and a floral essential oil such as sweet orange essential oil, lemon or grapefruit to perfume. When using a dryer, add a handkerchief or wash cloth on which you have sprinkled 3 or 4 drops of an essential oil of your choice, this will add a great fragrance.

Counter-tops and bathrooms

Zero waste cleaning bottles
Create your own cleaning products using essential oils. Image credit│Unsplash

Many essential oils have powerful cleansing properties. Some are anti-bacterial, while others have anti-viral or anti-fungal properties. Some of the best to use are tea tree, atlas cedar, lemon, cypress, eucalyptus, lavender, pine, Ravensara, rosemary or thyme. You can dilute the oils in water and then keep the solution in a spray bottle so you’re able to clean when necessary. If you are looking for a ready to use solution, effective and natural solutions to sanitise your interior, we also have our Purifying Spray, a delicate blend of 41 Essential Oils, that is safe and effective for the family.

Purify the air

Essential oils for scent
Use essential oils to purify the air of your home. Image credit│Puressentiel

Essential oils can be used to contribute uplifting scents in your home and as well as providing a refreshing scent, they’re also good for your health. Try blending equal parts, pure lemon essence, rose geranium and Ravensara in a diffuser three times a day in a sequence of 15-minutes.

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