Where to shop for secondhand furniture in the UAE

Sustainable and chic, this is where to shop for vintage and secondhand furniture in Dubai

Grey sofa with coloured cushions
Add a unique touch to your home by shopping pre-loved. Image credit│Soho Home

The benefits of shopping second-hand go far beyond saving you some dirhams. By purchasing pre-owned items, you’re actively voting for a cleaner environment by decreasing the demand for new items to be manufactured and saving the ones that already exist from the landfill. Not only that, but saying goodbye to the high street adds design soul to a room, while some antiques can prove worthy investments.  

The UAE – as a melting pot of cultures with a transient population – has an abundance of good quality second-hand items and antiques up for grabs. But where do you find them? Here are some of our favourite places to shop pre-loved homeware, online and in stores: 

Antika Dubai antiques
Antika sell a variety of vintage items including tables and trinkets. Image credit│@antika_dubai


This Times Square concept store sources pre-owned furniture from the Rajasthani and Gujarati regions of India. You can find a variety of one-off pieces, including ‘curiosities’ and items made from recycled wood. 

Daos Den Furniture

Oriental antique specialists, this online store stocks unique, authentic pieces sourced from all over China. From dressers to framed Chinoiserie wallpaper, there’s a range of items each with eye-catching detail. 


Established in 2015, this online store takes on the heavy lifting of buying and selling secondhand. Once purchased, the company will deliver collect from the seller and deliver your items to you.

Dubai Antiques

An Instagram page that sources vintage French-style furniture. Owner, Sophie Walsh, restores the pieces and resells them to those with a penchant for elegant design. 

Dubai Antiques
Traditional antiques make a focal point in any home. Image credit│Dubai Antiques


The UAE’s answer to eBay, you’ll find everything and anything in the classifieds of this website, as people list their home’s contents before relocating. 

French Treasure Box

A ‘virtual showroom’ on Instagram of genuine European-sourced furniture. There’s a large selection of pieces from various eras and styles to suit multiple tastes.

Bespoke wooden furniture adds something unique to a home. Image credit│Heart Wood Interiors

Heart Wood Interiors

Sourcing and refurbishing high-quality wood items, Dubai-residents Chanelle and Martin breathe new life into the pieces before reselling them on their Instagram page. Each item is unique and upcycled.

IKEA Used Furniture Dubai, UAE

No prizes for guessing that Facebook group buys and sells pre-owned IKEA furniture for really low prices. 

Lucky Furniture & Handicrafts

Established in 1985, Lucky Furniture & Handicrafts is a veritable institute when it comes to home furnishings. As well as selling handcrafted wood furniture, they also source antique pieces from around the world. 

Multicoloured chairs by Think Upcycle
Think Upcycle create bespoke secondhand items with their in house upcycle team. Image credit │Think Upcycle

Think Upcycle

An online shop with a warehouse in Ajman selling pre-loved furniture items from a broad range of brands. Along with offering wallet-friendly prices, they have a free in-house reupholstering service so you can customise your finds. And for those looking to rehome goods, they offer a free collection service and a 20% commission on anything they sell. 

Vintage rug by Tamam Vintage
Vintage rugs add a unique feel to a room. Image credit │Tamam Vintage

Tamam Vintage

Dubai-resident Mel sells beautiful Turkish and Persian rugs on her website, that range from 40-90 years of age. 

Pre-Loved Luxury Furniture and Home Décor UAE ™ Facebook group 

Over 24,000 style-mavens flock here to buy and sell secondhand high-end furniture and accessories – at a fraction of the original cost. Each post is vetted by the group’s owner so you know you’re getting authentic, good quality pieces here. 

Pretty Vintage Cups

This website and Instagram page sells delicate English bone china that dates as far back as the 1800s and up until the 1960s. 

Delicate tea cup by Pretty Vintage Cups
Delicate tea cups can be used to store jewellery or trinkets as well as tea. Image credit│Pretty Vintage Cups

Zinjaar Vintage

This sustainable home furnishing boutique specialises in one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and antiques, as well as new items. They also offer a repair and restoration service where their team of experts breathes new life into existing pieces. 

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