Inside Crate and Barrel’s unique Ramadan 2021 collection in collaboration with regional designers

Crate and Barrel X B Living UAE │Crate and Barrel sourced products from four regional designers to bring you a stylish collection of Ramadan homeware  

Crate and Barrel Ramadan collection
Silal’s TALA collection creates ambiance on a table spread. Image credit │Crate and Barrel

Known for its elegant approach to home furnishings, Crate and Barrel’s Ramadan collection is no different from their regular fashion-conscious items. It’s a thoughtful collection of products that brings a seasonal, yet stylish feel to a home. Putting their signature mark on Ramadan once again this year, the American helmed brand has sourced products from four Middle Eastern designers to create a collection that honours the Holy Month in style and essence. Here’s what you can expect from each: 

Silsal Design House 

The region’s first fine porcelain brand, Silsal bring their contemporary design approach to the range of candles, tableware and tea sets this Ramadan. The collection is spilt into three design suits, each with a different feel to style a range of homes.

Silsal bright coloured plates
The bright colours of the Silsal add a warm festive touch. Image credit │Crate and Barrel

The Sadu Collection, which is exclusive to Crate and Barrel, was inspired by the traditional Al-Sadu geometric patterns (woven by Bedouin tribes) but have been finished in modern pops of colour. From condiment bowls to espresso cups and saucers, the design is bright and bold. 

The TALA Collection, also exclusive, has been designed to inspire visions of palm trees after dark, with midnight colours and frond shapes making up this elegant range. 

SARAB collection
A firm favourite, the SARAB collection is popular for good reason. Image credit │Crate and Barrel

And the SARB Collection pays tribute to the Arabian Peninsula’s vibrant bird population, including the BulBul, Hoopoe and Falcon in multi-coloured display that will look adorable on a modern Iftar spread.  

Ozelm Tuna

Turkish designer Ozelm Tuna brings two varieties of coffee and teacups to Crate and Barrel this year. 

Ozelm Tuna tea cups
The moon designs by Ozelm Tuna are particularly appropriate. Image credit │Crate and Barrel

The Khamseen Desert Wind Collection is a meditation on the natural beauty of the desert. With a dusk-inspired colour palette, the subtle gold hues and moon designs (how cute are these Porcelain coffee cups?) bring the spirit of Ramadan to life. The Mellow Collection was crafted to celebrate the sharing pleasure of coffee. We love the Porcelain Arabic Coffee Set in pink, which fosters moments of connection and peace through graceful design. 

Lava Moments 

Inviting people to slow down and unwind, candle brand Lava Moments have created a private label, Tasamah to bring exclusive aromas to Crate and Barrel. 

Moon and star shaped candles
No seasonal decoration is complete without candles. Image credit │Crate and Barrel

Both creating a warm glow in the home and producing ambiance, the candles come in rich seasonal scents including Oud WoodOud Amber, Oud Rose and Peppered Bliss.

Deluxury Deco 

Comprising of tea and coffee cups along with delicate bowls in metal shades, the Deluxury tableware pieces are conversation sparking.

Delicate tea cups
The delicate tea cups from the Deluxury Deco range are particularly elegant . Image credit │Crate and Barrel

Both delicate and striking they are each works of art in their own right, with price tags reflecting this. Being formed with an emphasis on natural shapes – think flowers, branches and the moon – serving Iftar tea in these will add joy to any environment. We particularly rate the Condiment Stainless Twin Tray in delicate rose gold and the elegant Diamond Flower Stainless Saucer in a matching hue.

Shop the Ramadan collection in store and online now.

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