The handmade British lamps that are taking the Grand Millennial movement by storm

British company BeauVamp’s handmade lamps and why we need one in our lives

BeauVamp lamp and sofa
BeauVamp lamps make a vibrant statement piece. Image credit│BeauVamp

The grand millennial trend – or Granny Chic, as it’s commonly referred to as – is here to stay. Curating eclectic items and styling them in a marriage of hodgepodge delight is not for everyone, but if it’s for you, these BeauVamp lamps need to be on your radar.

An independent British lighting brand, BeauVamp was set up in 2006 by Alice Moylan after she up-cycled a lamp that she’d bought in a charity shop. “I became fascinated with how the fabric had been stretched and stitched to the frame. I decided to research these lost application methods of the past and so it became my mission to embark on rebuilding and reviving those old traditional sewing techniques, which are now embedded in the heart of the business”.

The lamps are handmade in Derbyshire. Image credit│BeauVamp

Inspired by ‘roaring’ Art Deco design, each lamp stitches traditional sewing techniques with a modern style. The Derbyshire-based brand creates bespoke shades for homes or commercial projects using locally sourced high-quality silk. “Everything we do is designed from scratch in our Derbyshire studio including all the finishing touches from fancy braids and dip-dyed fringing through to vintage-inspired braided cable and accessories. We like to source as much as we can locally, working closely with British craftspeople and skilled artisans including woodturners and metal workers.”

The vintage-style lamps are works of art in their own right that compliment bold wallpaper or make stunning statements in simply styled rooms. They also collaborate with designers such as Susi Bellamy (textile designer) and Pearl Lowe (clothes designer) to create unique collections. This year we have just launched our new hand-dipped Ombré Fringing Collection to further complement our lampshades, giving them a truly unique and contemporary twist,” explains Alice.

Later in the summer, BeauVamp are set to bring out a colourful selection of shades in colours such as deep emerald green and rich hot pink, using silks and natural dyes. Keep your eyes on their Instagram page to see when their newest collections drop.

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