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These are the summer bathroom trends for 2021

The bathroom is the new living room, and this is how to style yours on trend for the summer season and beyond

RAK Ceramics Presiozi
Going bold is in. Image credit│RAK Ceramics Presiozi

The modern bathroom has quickly become one of the most important rooms in the home. With hygiene practices more important than ever, and the need for at-home relaxation becoming a non-negotiable, many of us are in the market to create our own spa-like sanctuaries. But before you decide on the style you’re going to choose, these are the bathroom trends that are going to see us through 2021 and into next year.

Create a flow space 

As the bathroom becomes a more integral part of the home, interior designers have been crafting multi-use spaces that encapsulate the shower and bath. “Recently we’ve been designing the master bathroom and walk-in closet as one single environment which flows seamlessly together, says Marco Tedeschi, fit-out consultant and co-owner of Smart Renovation.

Put hygiene first  

Coming as no surprise, “antibacterial products have been the protagonist of this last year,” says Marco Borghi, head of marketing at RAK Ceramics . “It’s important for bathroom items to perform technically well and to play a role in keeping bad bacteria at bay. There’s a need for both function and aesthetic innovation.” The RAK Ceramics, RAK-Sanit collection has tiles and sanitaryware made from glazes that prevent the growth of bacteria, reducing the possibility of contagion in the home. 

Matalan bathroom with floral wallpaper
Free-standing bathtubs never go out of fashion, try pairing one with a statement wall. Image credit│Matalan

Consider a statement wall  

Gone are the days of uniform walls made from rows of ye old white tile. “Bold colours and patterns are big this year, whether that be in colourful tiles or patterned wallpaper,” says Anam Clarke, interior designer and founder of The Designers Studio. “The bathroom is the new living room,” says Cinzia Tedeschi, interior designer at Smart Renovation, “decorate it the same way you would any other room. Play with the wallpaper, try floral, or marble,” says adds. “But make sure it doesn’t clash with anything else – as you don’t want to make a salad!”

Go for sophisticated shapes  

“Elongated and thin shapes are in,” says Marco from RAK Ceramics. Moving away from the clunky built-in units often found in UAE properties, “The market has seen an increase in demand for sophisticated and distinctive design, like those from the RAK-Valet collection.” And while a sleek design is key, “It’s important that you don’t lose functionality, which will always remain an essential element in the bathroom,” he adds.  

RAK Ceramics floating vanities
Go for a minimal look with a floating vanity. Image credit │RAK-Des floating vanity

Floating vanities  

Giving you ample opportunity for customisation, the floating vanity and sink is having a strong moment. Allowing a bathroom space to breathe, the wall-mounted counter is a stylish choice. “What is great about floating vanities is that they can be made to any shape, size, or style,” says Anam. “You can even integrate sinks into them to give a high-end aesthetic or, if you’ve got a lot of stuff, you can add storage underneath.” Consider hanging shelves (that you can neatly decorate) or cabinets for a practical, yet modern finish. The options are endless. 

Midas touches  

While making a design statement in your bathroom, metallic finishing is a popular choice because, according to Anam, “Luxurious lighting and chandeliers are in. With the latest innovations in lighting, you can go bold with crystal accents or oversized chandeliers to make a massive impact,” she recommends. Bathroom manufacturers are reacting to the need for more stylized bathrooms. “The RAK-Des and RAK-Valet have metallic detailing on the legs and shelving units,” says Marco from RAK Ceramics. 

Bathtub with plants around it
Add greenery to your bathroom for a fresh, spa-like feel. Image credit│ Unsplash


“We’re going to be seeing a lot of flora in the bathroom. It’s definitely in vogue to bring the natural world inside,” says Anam. “It’s a cool idea to have plants in the washroom,” adds Cinzia. “A lot of plants do well with the humidity of the shower so they’re easy to maintain. They really help to bring ambiance and a spa element to the space.” Aloe Vera and Spider Plants like the humidity caused by a shower and are particularly easy to look after.

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