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Tips for designing a dreamy pantry according to an organisation expert

Get the pantry of your Instagram dreams by following these simple steps

Organisation isn’t boring when it’s this cute. Image credit / and Dune Im

We’re not quite sure when it happened, but over the last few years, the pantry has become a dreamy must-have for all those over the age of 20. While not all of us are blessed with an all-American walk-in pantry, there are plenty of ways to achieve the look here in our UAE kitchens. Someone who knows a thing or two about creating an organised pantry is Shelina Jokhiya from  Decluttr Me , we caught up with the professional organisation queen to get her tips on designing a dreamy storage system that’s both pretty, and functional 

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Choose the right space

If you’re going for an epic pantry, we suggest doing so in a storeroom, or perhaps under the stairs? But if that’s not possible, consider repurposing a beautiful cupboard to store your pantry items within your kitchen. Whether you want to keep it behind closed doors, or go for an open shelving unit, make sure you’ve got plenty of space to separate between food and other kitchen items.

Label, label, label

Categorise and group together items such as pasta, noodles, pulses and then store them in clear or white boxes. Label the boxes so that you can find the items you want in less than 5 seconds. 

Create zones

Put the items that you do not use often – and are not heavy – at the top of the pantry and then label the shelving area. Zone your food items on different shelves and create boxes for snacks, sweet items (including honey and jam), pasta, grains, baking items, savory tins, nuts, and pickled vegetables. You can also add an extra layer of functionality to your pantry door with a chalk or whiteboard so that you can write down reminders, grocery lists, and notes for your family members. 

Use clear containers

Transfer your staple foods – such as flour, sugar, pasta, lentils – into air-tight clear containers. This is not only very Home Edit-esque, but it also helps to keep you organised and on top of the food shopping. it’s a clear visual reminder for when you’re running low on your staples. When decanting food items, you want to make sure you don’t forget when you bought them. Consider using a dry eraser marker to write the sell by date on the bottom of the container or cut out the best before date from the packets and stick it at the bottom of the container  

Use durable storage items

Although wicker baskets look good and help give a rustic feel to your pantry, they’re not the most hygienic option. Reduce the chance of bugs and fungus breeding by picking a more durable material that can be easily wiped down, such as plastic or wire. 

Get a Lazy Susan

If you’re low on space, or a sauce aficionado with lots to organise, a lazy Susan is a great way to maximise the area you have. They are also ideal to store less used spices as the spin mechanism means that none will be forgotten at the back of the cupboard. 

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