How to choose the right art for your home

Aanchal Gulati from art consultancy Vandervin Arts shares her expert advice on selecting art for your home

Large artwork in living room
A striking piece of art should form the basis of your home’s colour scheme. Image credit │Vandervin Arts

One of the key elements of turning a house into a home is hanging artwork. But not just any art will do, as knowing how to select the right piece for each room makes all the difference. As well making a style statement in the room, the perfect piece will reflect the owner, and bring personality. We caught up with Aanchal Gulati – founder and creative director of art consultancy, Vandervin Arts – to uncover her expert tips on choosing the right pieces for you:

Choose art that you love

To truly experience the joy of art, always go with your gut feeling. Choose a piece that you can connect to; one that you can take pleasure in and that really speaks to you.

Artwork by shelves
Balance the size of your artwork. Image credit │Vandervin Arts

Remember that size matters

Make sure you measure the wall you intend to hang the artwork. Too big or too small, art can make the space look disproportionate. Other factors to take into consideration are the furniture or other interior décor near the wall.

Don’t be afraid to explore different mediums

The beauty of art is that it comes in all shapes, sizes and media. Don’t limit your search to traditional mediums like oil painting and watercolour. In fact, some of the more durable pieces might be unconventional. However, if you are still unsure, always ask an expert for more details –  Vandervin Arts! We are experts in advising you on any medium you would like to explore.

Art work in an office
Use your artwork to express your creative personality. Image credit │Vandervin Arts

Buy from a reliable source

Buying art is no cheap investment, so make sure you approach a reliable source. In this day and age, the art market is flooded with knockoffs, so be sure you have done your research or enlisted the help a trustworthy expert. Vandervin Arts caters to global clients and a brand you can trust with all your art procurements right from selection to delivery at your door step.

Art in bedroom
Art above the bed makes a striking statement. Image credit │Vandervin Arts

Don’t underestimate the power of framing

Framing can make or break your art. Whatever you choose, make sure it doesn’t take away the attention from the painting. The frame should always compliment the painting by lifting it and giving it a sophisticated finish and not over power it.

Choosing the best art for each room

The role of art within a room is to set the mood, so it’s vital you choose a piece that fits with the room’s purpose.

Dining room with jewel tone chairs
The right art can compliment your home in more ways than one. Image credit│Vandervin Arts


Whether you work from home or in an office, choosing the right artwork in the place of productivity is important. It defines your workspace and has the ability to keep you motivated. Make sure the painting you select projects energy, gives you inspiration, and inspires productivity.


Your bedroom is your sanctuary – a place where you unwind and relax, naturally, your artwork should reflect that. Look for mellow and relaxing colours in abstract paintings. The key is to keep it minimal, right from the art itself, down to the frame.

Living room

An active space defined for fun and entertainment with friends and family, your living room art should boast fun, colors, interaction pieces. I know, it can often it can be intimidating to choose art for the room in which your guests will spend most of the time, but do not worry! Turn to decorate your living room into a fun experience by exploring different mediums and artworks. Look beyond the typical 2D images, and you’re sure to find that special piece that suits your taste. 

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