These are the summer interior trends of 2021 that you should know about

The five home trends that should be on your radar this summer – and beyond

Primark cane furniture
Natural fabrics are a seasonal must-have. Image credit │Primark

As we get ready for the UAE’s hot summer, our attention often turns inwards meaning it’s the perfect time of year to refresh our interior space. While summer trends may come and go, there are some that work throughout the seasons. Co-founder of the property management company, Frank Porter, Anna Skigin shares her trend forecast for the season’s hottest colours, styles and materials that look good year-round.

Pantone colours

As well as the Pantone colours of the season, which are ‘Illuminating Yellow’ and ‘Ultimate Grey’, we’re all about vibrant colours during the summer. PanFun colours such as Pickled Pepper and Lava Falls brighten up spaces and create bold statements in any living room or bedroom.

Wicker and rattan

Wicker and rattan create an easygoing vibe in any space – more earthy, more toned down. When we’re going for a summer look, these natural materials are our go-to as they effortlessly create a very relaxed feeling for our guests.

Natural material / light wood

The softness that comes with natural and light materials work to get that holiday-mode started. We particuarly like linking this in with hardwood flooring.

Faceline and Graphic Art

We are loving the Face line graphic – whether in furniture or art. Soft lines bring a feminine feel to any space. Graphic artworks everywhere, bold and timeless enhancing every room.

Ocean Tones

There’s nothing quite like the colours of the ocean colours to soothe a space. We love the trend of the ocean tones, specifically in the bedrooms. It doesn’t hurt to also have the matching view, but if you can’t then recreate them with the shades you use.

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