This is how to use colour in your home according to designer Jennifer Black

Designer and artist Jennifer Black from Wear The House shares her fashion-conscious tips for embracing rainbow hues 

Jennifer Black sat in her home
Jennifer Black in her villa

Monochrome lovers look away – because artist and designer Jennifer Black is here with a very bold message to share. Growing her fashion/ homeware business ‘Wear the House‘ on rainbow foundations, the British designer has decked her home in a colourful array. Claiming that it’s the multi-toned hues that keeps her in an uplifted mood, Jennifer thinks colour is an important factor of a home, but knows it can be confusing knowing where to start. We caught up with the mum of two in her Al Manara villa to get her tips on using colour in the home.

Paint a piece of furniture in a daring shade

it can be a fun project as well. If you’ve got a vintage piece of furniture, sand it down and paint that pop of colour. I have the dresser in the hallway, which adds a really daring pop of yellow that I wouldn’t want on the walls. If you love a colour but wouldn’t necessarily paint a whole wall in that shade, an accent piece of furniture is a great idea. 

Complimentary shades work well together in her home

Use bright accessories

Framing is an easy way to add a splash of fun. Take a simple print and add a colourful frame, if you’re feeling bold you can also add an inner frame as well, just to give it an additional pop of colour.  Or use a colourful print in a neutral frame.  

Be inspired by art

 If you have a piece of art that you really love the colours in or that is going to be a main feature in the room, use it to select shades from. For example, if your picture has a lot of pinks and greens, you can get throw pillows in the same colours or choose to bring out a small accent tone within your furnishings.  

Jennifer Black from Wear the House's home
Quirky touches make Jennifer’s home her own

Create a colour palette

Create a colour palette for your home using magazines. I like to flick through a magazine, and tear out the colours that look cool, or that speak to me before sticking them into a book.  I try to merchandise within shades of the palette. Once you’ve come up with a palette that you like, take the book with you when you’re shopping, it will help you to choose items that work well together, rather than clash. 

Learn through experimentation

It’s fine to make mistakes when it comes to using colour. I have painted a wall in a colour and then realised I have made mistake when I see it with all my things, but that’s how you find and develop your colour style. 

Jennifer Black's home
Jennifer painted the antique console in a bright yellow herself

Don’t go overboard

and it can cause a negative feeling when you walk into a room. You might end up feeling a bit stressed or overwhelmed if there are too many clashing tones within the space.  If you already love colour but don’t want to overwhelm yourself with busy design, I suggest keeping the walls white. 

Utilise white space

White space is just as important as the colour itself. Colourful furniture and artwork needs space to breathe. I recently felt the need to strip back my home by painting the walls white, the absence of colour really allows the artwork to pop and stand out. It’s also useful if you’re renting to let the accessories do the talking rather than painting your walls. 

Jennifer Black's pink home
Pink hues are a running theme

Embrace the dark

It’s a good idea to keep a dark colour running throughout the house in order to balance it out. I use black frames and my staircase is black which helps to ground the space. Mixing up your colourful tones with dark hues will make sure your home is anchored. 

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