This is how to achieve a Parisian home according to a French interior designer

The Parisian look defined and how you can achieve a French feel in your home

Bring a chic touch to your home.

When we talk about a ‘Parisian style’ we’re naming that chic je ne sais quoi which seemingly comes so effortlessly to the French. Parisian home decor is elegant and timeless while still suiting busy family life. While homes in the UAE are devoid of marble fireplaces and intricate ceiling medallions, that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace a French design methodology in your villa. Parisian-born, interior designer Nadia Sallustio, from Ma Cabane Concept shares her tips for achieving the look at home.

Parisian apartment by Wit & Whimsy
Marble fireplaces are typical of Parisian apartments. Image via Pinterest Wit & Whimsy

The overall look

It’s a look that is not found in many other places. Parisian design is a mélange of Haussmann and Bauhaus styles, which means you’ll probably associate it with very high ceilings, elongated doors, velvet drapes and long, elaborate corridors which lead into open rooms. 

A Parisian home should tell a story: regardless of where you look, there should be sentimental objects, family pictures, and distinct colours that stir the imagination. While setting an overall stylish tone, the space should have a calm and soft feeling that’s comfortable to live in. 

Colour equations

Image credit Nest.co.uk

To cite a famous French saying, ‘There aren’t any good or bad colour palettes’, it’s the equation of colours that’s most important. You’ll often be surprised by the power of certain hues and their ability to transform a room. 

Shop French brands

You can shop French brands at Ma Cabane. Image credit│Ma Cabane

Chic, ‘à la Française’ brands will instantly transform your home into a domestic Parisian heaven. You can shop them here in Dubai, as I represent renowned labels such as Ressource and Maison Sarah Lavoine that bring that French touch home.

Be bold

Dark blue wall bedroom
Mix old and new for that Parisian chic feel. Image via Instagram _@soha_ayoub

There are no rules but it’s important to be bold in your choices. Go with what stirs you, while keeping in mind that a Parisian style should both remind you of the past and have a modern twist. If I had to say anything about a potential faux pas, I’d say don’t be afraid of clutter. 


Use mirrors, plants, antique furniture, scented candles, framed kids drawings; basically anything that tells the narrative of who you are. And for the final touch, I always suggest a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

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