How to create an Instagram-worthy bookcase

Whether it’s colour-coding or adding plants, this is how to organise your bookshelf according to Instagram

Organised book shelves by Book Sugar
Organised personal library and book collections by @booksugar

We think the look of our bookshelves may have an impact on our appetite to dip into our favourite books or finally get round to reading the novels we’ve been collecting up. In light of this, we’re feeling inspired by the perfectly organised shelves of bookstagram influencers. And while we may not judge a book by its cover, there’s no denying a perfectly arranged library is certainly pleasing on the eye.

With more and more Instagram accounts diving into the world of bookshelf-styling, have a look at our picks of artistically displayed book collections – perhaps it will inspire you to put down the phone, and pick up a paperback.

Judge a book by its cover

A category per shelf by @theartfulelle.

The outward appearance cannot be an indicator of someone or something’s value or worth – true. We’ve heard this saying all our lives and have been applying it to everything but books – for the most part. But ignoring this time old advice is the first step to a beautifully, well-organised bookshelf.

For most book lovers, looking at books as objects of art rather than containers of information, knowledge and stories would be considered a crime. However, allow yourself the permission to focus solely on the illustrations that blanket the valuable words inside.

Start afresh by temporarily removing your books from their homes, choosing an organisation method that suits you best, and sorting the books into their appointed categories before moving them into a happier and more visually-appealing home.

Colour inside the lines

Colour-coding done right by @booksugar.

In design, the easiest way to breathe life into a space or display is by adding colour. Sing along to the rainbow song while you organise, or mix up complementary colours on one shelf and stir in some stripes or patterns on another. Colour-coding will surely make the trip to your personal library exciting, and automatically add a vibrant piece of art to your home.

Add some green

A world of plants and books by @excusemyreading via Instagram.

Greenery is refreshing to see in every corner of a home, including on your bookshelf. Surround your books with nature as a nod to their tree-roots, and create a literary jungle that’s pleasing on the eye.

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By Samira Banat

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