Follow these expert tips to create a peaceful retreat in your bedroom

Interior stylist at Haute Bohéme, Kym Jackson Shen, shares her tips for creating a resort-style bedroom with 5-star comforts that will leave you well-rested

Make your bedroom a peaceful getaway within your own home thanks to these top ten tips

Home should be a place of peace and relaxation – a destination to escape the stress and chaos of the outside world. But from a play area for the kids to the makeshift home office, we all know that isn’t always practical.

But at the very least, you can ensure your bedroom is a peaceful retreat; a space of calm filled with subtle touches that add a sense of luxe. Follow these expert tips from Kym Jackson Shen –  interior stylist at Haute Bohéme – to help you get started.

Kym Jackson Shen’s 10 tips for creating a peaceful bedroom design

Quality sheets will make all the difference

Invest in a mattress toper

Invest in a topper for your mattress. Coming in a variety of different materials, such as feather down or memory foam, this little luxury will help lull you into a deep sleep and protect your mattress for years to come.  

Add in throw blankets

For some calming pops of colour, add a luxe fluffy throw or blanket with matching accent cushions in a calming blush or pale blue.

Opt for a neutral colour palette

If you are looking to create a peaceful retreat, a neutral color palette is desirable. Think crisp white or creamy whites, pale beige and grey. Make sure that your walls, linens, upholstery and window dressings compliment one another.

Select quality linens

Opt for quality linens. Pick bedsheets with a high thread count that feel soft to touch. You can’t go wrong when investing in high-quality crisp cotton.

Add colour with fresh flowers

Floral accents or fresh flowers add a resort feel and a personal touch. If fresh flowers sound too costly, invest in a luxe bouquet of faux flowers for a low maintenance solution. 

Add some warmth to a cold hard floor with a pretty rug

Evoke a spa-feel with essential oils

For a rested night’s sleep and hotel style aroma, add a few light sprays of essential oils onto your soft furnishings, or burn them in a diffuser.

Ooze comfort with a soft rug

Adding a floor garnish such as a soft rug is always a comforting addition for your feet – especially if you have a hard floor.

Set the mood with varied lighting

Doing our beauty routines by day, bright, natural lighting is an essential. But come night, it’s all about those relaxing, golden-hour tones. Add lamps to your space to make sure the mood lighting is always right.

Light scented candles to add atmosphere

Invest in some scented candles to create an atmosphere. Typically, those with aromatherapy oils, such as lavender or rose, have a long beautiful burn. 

Buy clutter-eliminating accessories

Add a bedside table tray for a carafe of water and glasses, ready for whenever you need a refresh. 

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