13 photos to inspire your home office set up

Whether you have a dedicated room or just a desk in the corner, here are four trends you can use to make your home office spark inspiration

The classic office

What is it: Usually featuring a big wooden desk as the room’s focal point, this timeless style was traditionally achieved using dark colours on the walls and floors. Whilst still paying tribute to it’s style DNA with the use of wooden shelves, modern interior designers have put a 21st century spin on the look by using a lighter palette.

Who does it work for: Oozing sophisticated elegance, the classic office speaks to a certain type of person. Usually a book worm, the one who works here is a purveyor of knowledge who likes to fill their shelves filled with novels and antiquities.

Why we rate it: The look commands attention. Surrounded by shelves of literary masterpieces and tales of great discovery you will feel motivated to get things done.

The minimal office

What is it: A clean and simple look is achieved with straight lines and minimal clutter. Inspired by the cultural movement which implores people to keep only what they need or what ‘sparks joy’, an office created with minimalism in mind should speak to its owner.

Who does it work for: Those who are easily distracted. With limited objects for eyes to wonder around the desk, the space lends itself to productivity. It’s also a sensible choice if your home office is doubling up with another room, the minimal look helps create a seamless finish as the desk does not dominate the space.

Why we rate it: This versatile office has an energy that breathes relaxation into busy days as you tick off your to-do lists with limited distractions.

The industrial office

What is it: A post modernist look which is realised using industrial style materials such as steel, brick and hard wood along with shades of black, grey and navy. You’ll see this look in many of today’s innovative thinking companies who rate it’s simplistic yet stylish feel.

Who does it work for: Highly functional, the industrial office works well for those who like to get things done. It’s no-fuss, no-frills and instead all work, all job completing.

Why we rate it: Starting with basic industrial shapes or colours you can add as much or as little as you want. Keep the desk itself simple but play with the accessories to put your personal stamp on the room.

The creative office

What is it? An office that inspires the inner artist with its mix of colour, print and style. Embracing the quirkier side of life, the creative office is vibrant and happy. It’s common to see its shelves packed with objects or colour coded books.

Who does it work for? Usually owned by those who work in creative fields, the room helps to spark ideas. Plus, it’s a great way to showcase all of your artistic talents on the walls or in the design.

Why we rate it: There are little to no rules when designing an office that’s full of life. Whatever goes, so you can showcase your personality when opting for this fun look.

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