6 tips for creating an office space within another room with interior stylist Krisann D

Interior stylist Krisann D from Krissy D Stylist shares her tips for creating a dedicated work station at home

Krisann D shows us around her home office space

For many of us, this year has shifted how we work. With many of us now working from home more, having a dedicated work space is more important than ever before. You don’t need to have an allocated room to make a productive desk area in which to work. Interior stylist Krissan D from Krissy D Stylist shows us how she has created a dreamy office area in her bedroom and shares her top tips for designing with productivity in mind.

Pick the right area in your home

There’s no need to assign one room to being a sole office. Creating an office space that you can concentrate in has become a necessity, and the good news is you don’t need much room to make it work. All you need is a few square feet in room that you’re currently not utilising. 

Your office space should leave you feeling inspired and focused. It’s true what they say – a decluttered desk is a less cluttered mind!  When choosing the right spot to set up, make sure you’re selecting a room or a corner that’s quiet, free of distractions, and distinct enough from the rest of your home so you can step back when you stop working for the day. 

Make the most of the natural light

Mirror on yellow and white wall
You can use mirrors to reflect the light in your room.

Research says natural light is key for productivity levels, making the location of windows important when choosing your desk space. If it’s not possible to be right beside one, you can use mirrors to play around with light. I suggest placing a small mirror to the side of your desk and you’ll benefit from refraction without being distracted by your reflection.

Choose the right colours

Colour can be inspiring or demotivating, so pick wisely. Starring at a white wall all-day can feel demoralising, and while it might suffice in office buildings, at home you can play around with colour to see what feels best for you. Green is known for its focus-enhancing properties and yellow is always a safe bet when creating an uplifting space. I’ve recently designed an office with a black wall, adding colourful pops of art which can be a fun way to brighten the feel of a room.  

Keep it organised

Desk with yellow wall
Opt for a desk with storage beneath

For your desk – strike a balance between good looks and practicality. Although a minimalist style desk may look fancy, it can be unconducive to work when your papers begin to mount up. Instead, opt for one that’s suited to your daily tasks. I look for long desks with ample storage beneath. 

Organisation doesn’t have to mean bulky filing cabinets. Go Marie Kondo on your papers and find a system that works for you. I like to buy the transparent organisers and fill them with colourful folders to create a fun pop. Also, purchasing some wire management tools are a good idea for keeping the desktop organised. 

Select the right chair

Ensure your chair passes the ‘just-right’ challenge. You don’t want to be so relaxed that it’s hard to concentrate, neither too uncomfortable that sitting at the desk seems like a chore. Find a chair that works for you and your posture by testing them out in the shop before you buy. 

Add a personal touch

Personal touches on a yellow walled desk
Choose items that spark joy for you

Allow your workspace to tell your story with little touches of what inspires you and uplifts your mood. If you like to display pictures, try hanging them on the wall to free up space on your desktop. I also always recommend adding plants to the surrounding area.  

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