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Choose a kitchen renovation that will stand the test of time

Spend your money wisely thanks to our expert tips on choosing a design with enduring appeal 

Which colour of cabinet should you go for?

Opting for neutral tones is a safe choice. It’ll also mean that if you decide to move on, and either rent or sell, your property will appeal to a broader range of people.  “A sophisticated kitchen with a cosmopolitan feel will never go out of style,” says Danilo Rossi, Export Director of Scavolini.

Neutral doesn’t have to be boring, “aim for a mixture of sleek silhouettes, trendy materials and a contemporary touches. The brass colour of the handle profiles of this DeLinea model designed by Vuess [pictured above} is a great example of a kitchen that is classically cool.”

Tip: While it may be tempting to opt for a flash of colour – and by all means do so if you wish – keeping it neutral has a broader appeal when you come to sell up.

A handle free design can help keep your kitchen from looking dated. Scavolini.

How to select a design for your kitchen

“Not all trends stand the test of time. Be selective and bear in mind that what looks great now may not in 10 years,” says David McCreath, Senior Designer at Hacker Kitchens. “White is always the most popular colour – you will never see a brand discontinue their white colours – and neutral tones are always in vogue.”

“Any items that are fitted, and therefore long-term, must be unobtrusive,” he adds. “This is especially important here in the UAE, as it’s a transient community and you’ll want your luxury kitchen to appeal to the widest audience possible if you decide to rent or sell.”

White modern kitchen
You can’t go wrong with a white on white style. Hacker Kitchens

Top tips for kitchen renovations

Make it work for you. “Consider how you cook, what kind of cooking you do, and who is in the kitchen at the same time as you,” he says. “Plus, look carefully at what you store. Big pots and pans? You’ll need big deep drawers. Lots of dry food? Pullout pantry systems will be needed.”

Do make it practical. “Your kitchen is for cooking, after all,” says David. “Focus on the practicality, maximise drawers, add clever pullout mechanisms and think carefully about hob, oven, fridge and sink locations.”

Don’t sweat the details. In the early design stages, don’t worry too much about colours and finishes, as that’ll depend on your final design,” says David. “If you end up choosing lots of tall units, for instance, it’ll naturally call for a lighter colour.”

Flat high gloss doors require much less cleaning, whereas shaker style traditional doors leave ledges for dust to settle

Soho Kitchen counter with wooden spoons and jars on top
Neutral tones paired with brassy accents give a polished look. Soho Kitchen by Magnet

Finishing touches

From first slide to last: 1 Succulent, Chattels & More; 2 Acacia wooden wavy leaf shape tray, Dhs19, Home Centre; 3 Porland Bohem plate, Jashanmal Home

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