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Tiles are the secret to stepping up your bathroom game – and here’s the key to getting it right

Brighten up bath times by adding a touch of colour to your washroom with carefully selected tiles, from pretty patterned pieces to modern monochrome designs

Carefully selected tiles could be the key to transforming your bathroom

Tiles are one of the first things we notice in a bathroom. So when it comes to a renovation, consider your options carefully; there are myriad colours, sizes and materials to choose from, while the versatility of the material makes it easily customisable.

To get the look right, use colour and pattern to create a statement but choose no more than three different tiles to ensure a cohesive look. 

Don’t know where to start? Here a guideline to help you get started:

Pretty patterns

Upgrade your space to spa-level luxury with beautiful mosaic, which is the perfect choice for a feature wall. Go for clear glass shower doors so you don’t obscure them and keep the grout lines slim to reduce the painstaking task of scrubbing them clean. 

Bold floors

Statement bathroom floors are not for the faint-hearted, but they are definitely worth the risk. Combine with a timeless herringbone patterned wall for a smart look. For suppliers, we rate Mosaico (pictured,, which handmakes cement tiles in Ras Al-Khaimah; Graniti (, known for kitting out plenty of local high-end villas in porcelain tiles; and RAK Ceramics (, one of the biggest ceramics’ brands in the world.

Large-scale tiles can help smaller rooms appear more spacious.

Yellow, black and white Mosaico flooring at The-Greens in a Private-Flat
Mosaico flooring at The-Greens in a private flat

Modern monochrome

Don’t be afraid to go dark. Team black and white for a moody, masculine look that gives a lasting impact. “A monochrome palette ensures a classic look, so you can go all out in your choice of patterns,” says interior designer Alexandra Conti. 

Black and white is also a great option if you don’t plan on re-vamping your bathroom again anytime soon – it is a timeless combination that won’t date, which means you won’t need to update it in a few seasons when colour trends change or when you want to resell your property.

Bisazza Croydon-House The-Hayon
Choose elegant shapes – such as these featured at Bisazza Croydon-House The-Hayon – for a glamorous look.

Because of its timeless quality, you can choose different patterns and sizes, from geometric shapes to stripes, chevrons and subway tiles. It’s easy to mix with playful patterns and colours, such as florals and spots, too.

Not to mention, plain white or black tiles tend to be cheaper than coloured or patterned options, plus you’re likely to be halfway there already as the starting point is usually a white bathroom suite.

Picking the perfect grout shades

And then there’s the grout tone to think about… If you’re opting for dark or neutral coloured tiles for you bathroom, the sandy-toned grout will make a great match.

If you’re going with sparkling-bright whites, then a light grey should complement them nicely.

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