3 simple Feng Shui techniques for improving the energy flow in your home

Say hello to better sleep and improve your wellbeing with these introductory Feng Shui tips to help you re-balance the flow of energy in your bedroom, living space and beyond

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A decluttered space where energy can flow and light can spill in is a great starting point in Feng Shui

Feng Shui has become a buzz-word over the last two decades with many of us interested increasing the positive energy (or Qi – the Chinese word which literally translates to air, but figuratively means energy flow) into our homes.

Although there’s a lot of information on the Internet about the ancient practice, Simone Osswald from So Feng Shui Design proclaims that much of this “is a diluted and rather commercialised form mixed with Chinese culture, superstition and myths” weaved into it.

So if you’re new to the practise and are keen to get to know – and utilise – the basic principles to help both alleviate stress in the house and pass some of the extra time as we stay home,

Osswald takes us through the essential elements of Feng Shui:

What is Feng Shui?

Traditional Feng Shui is the study and analysis of the interaction between people, buildings and their environment. When applied correctly, it is thought that you can improve your life through the modification of your living environment. It is about creating a harmonious balance of space and energy in your home, allocating the most suitable rooms and arranging furniture and objects so the energy flows.

In order to apply Feng Shui effectively, first it is important to understand the existing energies. This is something that must be done by a professional Feng Shui practitioner, who has studied the calculation of energies through compass readings and formulas. Feng Shui does not follow a “one fits all” formula when it comes to life-changing solutions.

However, there are still universal rules for spaces that anyone can use as a framework to get started. These basic principles of space can improve the overall energy flow in our homes, and serve as a taster of the power the practise can have on our overall well-being.

Basic Feng Shui principles to kick-start energy flow in your home

Improve the flow of energy by getting rid of some of your old belongings

Declutter using the one year rule

Having been a trending topic over the past couple of years many of us are no strangers to getting rid of things that no longer #sparkjoy. (Read our 10-step guide to the KonMari method). But decluttering also plays a big role in Feng Shui.

Clutter hinders an even Qi-flow, blocking our personal energy. Just like in acupuncture for the body, good Feng Shui ensures a smooth flow of energy in our homes, resulting in ease of mind and spirit.

With everyone staying at home at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic, clutter can accumulate quickly, resulting in an overwhelming state of mind and stress. Feng Shui advocates decluttering as a major home detox at least once a year. However, we can use our time at home for an early spring-cleaning session, and a continuous decluttering regime.

We all have too many things in our drawers, wardrobes and on our bookshelves which hinders the Qi-flow throughout the entire space. The rule of thumb? Don’t keep items in your home that you haven’t used for the last 12 months.

This is a good time to donate to those in need. Sort and tidy up the remaining things you have decided to keep and incorporate a five-minutes ‘clutter-check’ throughout the day to ensure your home always supports your positive state of mind.

Rearrange your furniture to enable easy movement

The energy in our homes is guided by the way we arrange our furniture. Ideally, we can walk around our rooms easily without obstacles. Sofas and chairs are best placed with the backs to the wall and not ‘exposed’ with their back into the room.

To facilitate the best energy distribution, the centre of all rooms is kept empty and not blocked by bookshelves or consoles. Avoid placing furniture in front of windows as this blocks the energy from the outside to enter.

Doors should be easy to open fully, to ensure the maximum energy can enter the rooms, and this is especially important for the entrance door. Remove all items behind any door if these hinder it to open to the maximum.

Sleep better with Feng Shui

Detox the air by switching off devices

We are surrounded by technology and therefore radiation. Electric and electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices, as well as high frequency radiation from Wifi modems or nearby power stations affect us in our homes.

With less time spent outside enjoying fresh air, we’re are more exposed than usual to this ‘dirty air’ in our homes which can result in very poor sleep quality (your mattress and bedding choice can play a surprising role, too.)

To improve your home energy and therefore your personal energy instantly, removing all electronic devices from your bedroom and switching off your WiFi modem at least during the night to give yourself the chance of a deeply regenerating sleep.

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