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Why modern Mediterranean kitchens are this seasons must-have and how Cosentino are dominating the trend

The modern Med-kitchen style defined, and how to use it in your home with Cosentino Sunlit Days collection

Cosentino Posidonia green kitchen
Cosentino’s Posidonia Green works perfectly with brown hues to form a modern take on the Med-look. Image credit│Cosentino Sunlit Days

With many of us finally escaping to the sunny shores of the Mediterranean this summer, it’s not just our skin and wardrobes that are preparing to receive that Med-kissed look. That’s because the Mediterranean kitchen is back in fashion, but with a modern a twist that means it’s chicer than it has been before. Knowing this, Cosentino have released the Sunlit Days collection which was inspired by ‘Mediterranean shades of a unique lifestyle’. Beyond looks, the range is also the start of a collaboration between Cosentino and Equilibrio Marino to save the Mediterranean environment.

Simple living 

Using this style for urban city living suits the consciously minded. “Modern Mediterranean living is about bringing your values into the kitchen, where you spend quality family time,” says Miriam Llano from Cosentino. “The look suits an eco-conscious person, and you will see this in the choices they make from material to accessories. Cosentino’s Sunlit Days collection is the first-ever carbon neutral collection from Silestone that uses HybriQ+ technology. The manufacturing process uses 99% reused water, 100% renewable electric energy, a blend of at least 20 percent minerals plus quartz, and recycled raw materials in its composition, while significantly reducing the presence of crystalline silica,” Miriam explains. 

Cincel grey Cosentino kitchen
The Sunlit days collection is carbon-neutral. Image credit│Cosentino Sunlit Days

Coastal tones

“Instead of going for the traditional teracotta tiles with multi-coloured designs, this modern revival sees colour swatches like mud, blue, green and yellow being used but in a block style,” says Emma Hutton from Emma Hutton Interiors. “Stick with earthy neutrals, and discrete pops of colour in your accessories.”  The hues of the Sunlit Days collection, “take inspiration from real people and their stories,” explains Miriam. “The series consists of five colours: Arcilla Red, Faro White, Cala Blue, Posidonia Green and Cincel Grey. These solid neutrals and earthy colourways are inspired by the bright hues of the Mediterranean.”

Faro white Cosentino kitchen countertop
Raw materials look great with the Cosentino Sunlit Days countertops in Faro White. Image credit│Cosentino Sunlit Days

Add texture 

When we think back to summers spent under the hot sun, even our memories have a rustic feel that’s in-line with this decor aesthetic. “It’s key to choose an abundance of textures, that work cohesively within the sandy colour scheme and coastal theme,” advises Nikita Chellani from Roar Studio. Combine some earthy tones such as wood or clay, with rattan furniture, and then off-set them with whitewashed walls and concrete. “Traditional Med-kitchens use a lot of natural materials like wood, granite and marble. You would rarely find materials like chrome or plastics that are so much a part of modern kitchens. 

Cala Blue Cosentino kitchen countertop
The Cala Blue countertops bring a touch of summer into the kitchen. Image credit│Cosentino Sunlit Days

Floating shelves

“Add some floating shelves in the kitchen to make it feel clean and contemporary, which also helps to avoid the feeling of being boxed in by cabinets in the transitional Mediterranean kitchen. Plus, whatever you put on the shelves will also make a statement, so it’s a great opportunity to showcase your dishes and accessories. Opting for a totally beige or white dinnerware set will add a calming effect,” says Emma.” Keep it clean by, “using modern glassware and uniform food jars.”

Cosentino Sunlit days
The Arcilla Red countertops looks great with iron to complete the modern Mediterranean style. Image credit│Cosentino Sunlit Days

Black hardware

“Wrought iron is a staple of Mediterranean design,” says Nikita, “it was traditionally seen in the form of curlicue brackets and railings. But for a more current look, use black hardware with a contemporary shape. Do this with simple drawer pulls, shelf brackets, lights and faucets, which can add traditional character to your modern kitchen.” Pairing handles alongside matching black faucets will tie the look together and look great with the earthy colour. 

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