Three ways to bring a touch of summer into your home with Danube Home

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If ever there’s a time of year to embrace bright pops of colour, it’s in the summer. As flowers bloom and the sun casts it’s optimistic light over life, it’s true that the season sparks serious design inspiration. Which is why, each year the interior styling community sets about adding some cheery shades and fun hues into our homes. This is an especially important move here in the UAE where we end up spending most of the season inside. Making it easy for you to do the same, Danube Home have released a range of fun and affordable products. Drawing inspiration from nature’s vibrant tones, here are three simple ways you can add bright colour into your home this summer with Danube Home.

Add a colourful statement piece

Mustard Horton sofa set Danube Home
The Horton sofa set adds a fun pop to a living room. Image credit │Danube Home

A simple way to add a seasonal touch into a room is with a statement piece of furniture. Whether you go for a bright sofa or singular armchair to add that pop, choose something that will ramp up the fun. For a bold look, you can choose items in a contrasting colour to your scheme – think a lime green armchair like the Canary Fabric Accent Chair in a navy blue room. Or, decide to play it safe by using the bright items in a neutral room like the mustard Horton sofa set pictured in a white themed lounge area.

Choose summer shades

Rehan bedroom set by Danube Home
The Rehan bedroom set in sage achieves a seaside inspired look. Image credit │Danube Home

When we think of a traditional summer colour palette it’s often beach-like, featuring light blues, sandy yellows and aqua pops – and for good reason. Not only does this achieve a look at that’s reminiscent of days spent beside the sea, the hues themselves work together to create a soothing atmosphere. The Rehan bedroom set (pictured), was inspired by ’50s and ’60s design and has the perfect colour combination to set this summer tone.

Go all out with gold accents

The Odette dining table from Danube Home
The Odette dining table a subtle way to bring gold into your living space. Image credit │Danube Home

Comparable to the sun’s rays, gold is a timeless seasonal shade that we see being used year in and year out. For 2021, the trend is to use the colour as a hint in your accent pieces. You can do this with accessories, or with subtle hints within furniture. It works best when you pair it with light tones that help to make the room feel spacious and bright. The Odette 1+6 Dining Set in ceramic white has sky blue chairs with stunning brushed gold legs, making it the perfect summer addition.

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