How Nadia Sallustio from The Den boutique designed a European-style villa in Dubai

Nadia Sallustio from The Den boutique shows us around her four-bedroom villa in The Lakes and talks us through creating her dream open plan kitchen

Nadia Sallustio in her living room
Nadia Sallustio in her living room

“I wanted to create a clear European style, like something you’d find in Brussels or Paris, for our family home,” explains Nadia Sallustio who completely gutted and reimagined her stunning home in The Lakes. 

After they bought it, it took nine months of building work before the family could move in. “We modified everything. From the interior walls to the ceiling height and the windows. The only thing we kept were the outside walls,” laughs Nadia, who owns The Den boutique in City Walk.

The sheer scale of the work of is evident as soon as you walk into the bright home.

Open kitchen dining table
It was Nadia’s dream to have the floor to ceiling windows are that are common place in European homes in her Dubai villa

Open plan living

The living spaces flow effortlessly into one another with strategically placed windows emphasising the sense of movement. The kitchen seamlessly unfolds to the dining space, which is bathed in natural light due to its floor-to-ceiling windows. 

“I wanted the house to feel homely and friendly. Plus, I love using colour to create an ambience,” explains Nadia. “We entertain a lot, so we extended to create a conservatory dining room, which gives the kitchen an open feel. Interiors LLC took on the practical side of the renovation while I advised and styled.”

“We wanted to create an open kitchen that we can share family moments in. Having plenty of daylight was important for this”

The bedrooms

“There used to be a window behind the bed but we decided to create a false wall in front of it so we had the perfect spot to place the bed frame against,” says Nadia. The muted tones of the bedroom and lack of electronics create an inviting space in which to unwind after a long day.

Bedroom in a villa in The Lakes

Kids bedrooms

Taking her creative flair into the bedrooms for her three children, Nadia has crafted fun and playful spaces that reflect each of their personalities. “Maya (14) likes to change her room a lot (pictured right) so I show her how to mix colour and design,” says Nadia. “My son, Sam Lion had to have a jungle themed room, it’s simply in his nature”

The garden

“The garden was the last thing we completed. We chose to put in a saltwater pool from Absolute Pools and replace the grass with decking as it’s less maintenance. My husband loves gardening so he did the planting himself,” says Nadia. The perimeter is lined with olive trees, while an electronic sunshade juts out at the touch of a button in order to shield the table and chairs from the sun, bringing a European feel to the garden. “I do the inside and my husband handles the outside so we make a great team.”

I do the inside and my husband handles the outside – we’re a team.

Outdoor pool at the lakes
The garden – which is party ready is lined with olive trees

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