How this interior designer created a luxury finish to this home and tips for achieving the look

Take a look inside this villa in The Meadows that offers a modern, high-end answer to family living, and learn from the expert who renovated it how you can create the same look in your space

Light muted colours kitchen with marble floor
Muted tones help to create a beautiful finish in the kitchen. Photo by Zen Interiors.

When the homeowners bought this four-bedroom home in The Meadows from overseas, they were keen to put a fresh stamp on the property before moving in.

As they were not in the country, the entire project Zen Interiors took the reigns, with a simple request – that the family move into a fully renovated home in three month’s time.

Their main requirement was to have the house strike a balance between a classic and modern aesthetic with each room having the ‘wow factor’.

Swimming pool in The Meadows Dubai
A shop-stopping swimming pool adds to the luxurious feel. Photo by Zen Interiors.

To begin with, Zen Interiors took to creating a contemporary feel in the home’s infrastructure by revamping the dated features.

The ceilings were altered in height and design to give the rooms a 21st century feel. The traditional style staircase was renovated for a sleeker look and a custom walk-in wardrobe was added to the master bedroom.

Luxury swimming pool in The Meadows Dubai
Luxury Classic style garden furniture was chosen to create a seamless feel from inside to out. Photo by Zen Interiors.

A partition wall was added to the living area, complete with a contemporary quilted design on one side where the television could be mounted. All the structural changes provided a clear modern foundation from which to build on further. 

As the family didn’t have any furniture with them, the team had a blank canvas to pick pieces that worked with the home. The team brought in the classical feel requested through the furnishings and styling.

Their in-house carpenters and tailors created timeless furniture in neutral colours that would stand the test of time. They created pieces that were seamless transitioning inside and out to the garden.

To add extra interest to the home, accents of walnut and metal were weaved throughout via accessories and furnishings. Taking into account the client’s desire for an elegant finish, all the pieces were designed and styled especially to uphold the high quality look and feel.

So when the family arrived, they were delighted to be able to move straight into their dream home. 

How to get the look

Luxury living space with neutral colours
Tones of walnut were used to finish the homes luxury aesthetic. Photo by: Zen Interiors.

Merete Broen, head of the design department at Zen Interiors, shares her top five tips for achieving a high-end feel at home:

Create a mood-board

Take the time to research the style you would like to achieve with the furnishings. Create a mood-board for the look that you want the home to spark when you walk in. This way you’ll have a better idea of what to search for when you’re shopping. 

Pick a neutral colour scheme

Select the general colour scheme before you start buying any items. If you want to create a timeless look, opt for a neutral palette that will see you through various trends and will always look classy.

Choose accent pieces

Don’t be afraid to break up the colour scheme with accent pieces. This will help add character to your home and allows you to give your space a fresh look by updating these smaller furnishings when you fancy a change. 

Invest in high-quality wallpaper and fabrics

Selecting the right wallpaper and fabric is key to achieving a luxurious finish. It is often worth investing here if you’re after that ultra-high-end look and feel. 

Go for chrome

Chrome fittings and accessories can add a polished feel to a room without breaking the bank. Plus, they go with most colour schemes and give a modern effect. 

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