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Pest control in Dubai: the steps you need to take to avoid uninvited creepy crawlies

Bugs and rodents of all sizes and shapes are a given in Dubai’s climate and potential infestations are a common occurrence, so be prepared by following these steps.

Keep the bugs out for good. Photo by Hugo Kruip.

Whether you’ve been in the UAE for a long time, or if you’ve just moved here, you’ll probably already know that pest control is vital. And if you don’t – you’re soon to find out why with the summer fast approaching. The warm climate attracts a host of creepy crawlies that are sure to set your skin tingling. Stay ahead of their threat with these tips for a critter-free home:

Bed bugs

Feeling the itch? It’s a good idea to check yourself and your belongings after travelling. Not just confined to hotel beds, bed bugs also love soft furnishings, and they love to travel with/on you. Look for small black dots on mattress edges or headboards and get the professionals in to eradicate them – this isn’t a DIY job.


Cleanliness is key here as a dirty house is an invitation to move in for our little carapace friends. Pay extra attention to your kitchen and garbage disposal areas and don’t leave leftover food lying around. Roach gel is the hardcore option and a do-it-yourself solution, but don’t hesitate to call in the experts if you feel like you’re overrun.

Be more mindful about leaving food out to avoid flies


An annoyance that can quickly get out of control, expect to come into contact with house, drain, fruit and blowflies at some point. Usually attracted to dirt, moist dark places and rotting food, hygiene is paramount but natural deterrents such as using lavender or eucalyptus oil may help. They are also disease carriers, so don’t hesitate to call in the pros if necessary.


A furry four-legged issue in some villa communities. Again, it’s all down to keeping your home and garden clean and tidy (they love a messy home). Another problem best addressed by professionals, with poison and traps. Be sure to keep animals and children safe until the problem is resolved.


These minute microscopic beasties have a voracious appetite and can munch their way through prized pieces of wooden furniture before moving on to the next meal. They love damp areas, so keep an eye out for possible problems and control humidity where possible. Heavy duty pesticide treatments carried out by the experts is required.

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