How to have a hygge bedroom, by interior designer Stephany Hanna who created her own

Stephany Hanna, interior architect and designer at Step Into Detail created a cosy bedroom that reflects her personality

Stephany Hanna, Interior Architect
Interior Architect, Stephany Hanna tells us how to design a comfortable bedroom

Hygge is a Danish word that describes a feeling of cosiness that makes you feel content and happy –something that is important when designing a relaxing bedroom. With our daily lives often extremely busy, having a space you can unwind in after a long day is important. It’s a good idea to create a room that is both practical, soothing and a reflection of you all at the same time.

Stephany Hanna who is an interior stylist at Step Into Detail , designed her bedroom to be both calming and full of life at the same time. She tells us how to turn the things and pieces you love into a relaxing retreat that speaks to you.

Get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel happy

You don’t need to splash out on expensive furniture. Simply choose pieces that you love, from a cosy knitted throw to a vase of fresh flowers. Hang fairy lights over the headboard for a sense of softness in the space. 

Put a colour on the walls

It may be trendy, but plain white walls won’t give you the cosy, contented feel you crave in a master bedroom. Choose a calming shade of blue or green for the walls and paint them for an instant style upgrade. I’m a fan of darker hues, which bring about a bolder change. 

Keep the bedding simple

Avoid pattered bed linen, which can make the room look messy. Stick to plain colours and natural, textured materials such as linen. Having too many cushions isn’t practical: stick to two large pillows at the back followed by two smaller ones and up to three scatter cushions. It’s enough for a boutique hotel style feel but won’t take you ages to move back and forth each day. Use a wicker basket to store any excess cushions in while you sleep. 

Those perfectly styled bedrooms we see on Pinterest aren’t necessarily what will make you feel nurtured and cosy in your own home. Find a style that speaks to you and create a retreat in which you can fully unwind. 

Add are you love into your room, or create your own to let your personality shine

Add art to showcase your personality

Adding art is an opportunity to show your personality – and you can easily do so on a budget. Choose photography you love rather than something you see commonly in other people’s homes – I often download free photography from Unsplash to print and frame. Simply select a theme (my favourite is architecture) and create a story. Don’t be afraid to try new things – the ‘Wake Up’ print in my room that extends beyond the frame was very easy to do and adds character to the room.

Cover up the tiles

Having an old-fashioned tiled floor is a common bugbear in the UAE. If you’re stuck with unsightly tiles, a large rug can work wonders. And if you own the place or don’t mind spending a bit more money, Floorworld’s luxury vinyl planks, which click into place on top of your existing tiles, can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the space. 

Make it practical not perfect

When it comes to the finishing touches, a good mantra to keep in mind is “excuse the mess but I live here”. A great taste bedroom isn’t overly styled or streamlined but is a relaxing space that works for you. Make it practical and stylish by having your slippers laid out ready and task lighting that’s within easy reach of the bed. I’m not a fan of symmetrical side tables but you should have at least one while, lastly, a footstool or pouffe is handy for laying clothes on. 

Love Stephany’s style? Follow her on Instagram at @stepintodetail. You can see more tips by local interior designers here.

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