How to add a stylish colour pop to your white space

Want to add a drop (or a complete spill) of colour to your home, but don’t know where to start? See our handy tips for brightening up a white space, from furniture rearranging to savvy accessories

D.Tales, Colourful wall
Work with what you have to add some life into a room. Credit: D.Tales

When it comes to adding a sophisticated colour pop to your home – be it breathing life to the living room or bringing vibrancy to the kids’ play area – we’re taking inspiration from artist and rug designer, Cecilia Setterdahl.

Within her Jumeirah Islands villa, she transformed her white based into a colourful haven without going overboard by adding her signature colourful rugs, along with a mix of vintage and new pieces, geometric patterns and shapes.

If you fancy channelling Setterdahl’s style, then see how she mixes and matches shades, accessories and furniture below to strike that perfect balance.

“Group colours together in your home. It could be a pop of pink in an artwork paired with a fuchsia element in the rug below,” says Cecilia.

Jonathan Adler Home office, Caine desk Neo Geo drinks table, Neo Geo bookends, Rider dining chair and bench
Jonathan Adler Home office, Caine desk Neo Geo drinks table, Neo Geo bookends, Rider dining chair and bench

You can make a space super cheerful just by adding a single bold accent piece of furniture, like one of the bright pieces below.

  • ZARA HOME pillow 149AED
  • Cocktail chair, Dhs2,974*, Kare
  • Lloyd’s Building, brushed aluminium limited-edition print, Dhs4,562 (GBP950), Michael Wallner
  • Dark pink-coloured cushion, Dhs149, Zara Home
  • Ella bar stool, Dhs3,300, Chattels & More

Sweet treats

Classic Bunk bed with Princess design
Classic Bunk bed with Princess design

Children need a space they feel comfortable and inspired in. This can be achieved with candy colour palettes and décor accents and accessories, unusual beds and bunk beds, kids’ desks and chairs, plus colourful storage solutions, combined with soft textures.

“Start off with a neutral base and stick to two or three colours for a playful yet balanced look.” Olivia Corsi of Caramel & Sun.

  • ZARA HOME 149AED 2
  • Stool Franzi Gold AED566
  • Betty’s butterfly wall clock, Dhs26, Home Centre
  • Laurette night table, Dhs990, Caramel & Sun
  • Alpaca money box, Dhs826, Kare
  • Lemon-coloured cushion, Dhs149, Zara Home
  • Franzi stool, Dhs566*, Kare

*All prices of the products are as per February 2019

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