10 simple tricks to transform your home from cold to cosy

Don’t feel downhearted if your home doesn’t have that warm-n-fuzzy feeling right now, because a few simple updates can take any room from cold to cosy

5mm Design, Living room
Textured carpets add a cosy feel. Credit: 5mm Design

When you arrive home after a long day, you want to be greeted by a space that feels warm and cosy. But if you’re struggling to get that ‘ahhh’ feeling when you walk through the door, here are some quick tricks for injecting some cosy and comforting touches.

Take the edge off

Create a conversation circle by choosing a circular dining or breakfast table and arranging seating slightly facing each other in living spaces. 

Light it up

Maximise the natural light with by draping your windows with sheer curtains that let a lot of light in. An abundance of natural light can help lift your mood and create a positive energy.

David Scott Interiors, bedroom

David Scott Interiors, bedroom

Calm your colour palette

Bright pinks and purples might be a lot of fun, but they’re not known for their chill-out vibes. In the area where you’re going to want to unwind after a tough day, incorporate a calm, light colour palette to create a warm, relaxing vibe.

Embrace lamp lighting

Use lots of lamps, as they can be moved around for even greater flexibility in your lighting design.

1977 LM wooden table lamp, AED1,175 Al Huzaifa
1977 LM wooden table lamp,
AED1,175 Al Huzaifa

Layer your lighting

Balance your layers of light – ambient, accent and task – to create interesting, individual rooms. Add dimmer switches to lights, or better still, invest in a control device for switching and dimming. you can assign preset ‘scenes’ that can be activated at a push of a button.

Rug design
Rugs can make or break a space, so choice wisely

Rely on charming rugs

“Rugs can be used to define a space, and to add character and charm, through pattern, colour and texture,” says From Jaipur With Love‘s Elizabeth Morrison.

Consider your scents

Scents can be used to create different ambiences in each room. Fresh, clean scents, such as lemon and eucalyptus, are perfect for your spa-like bathroom, while cinnamon and orange evoke warmth and calm, so are great for welcoming guests as they enter your home.

Go for green

Namshi, Sass & Belle 3 Pack Mini Ria Planters AED70
Namshi, Sass & Belle 3 Pack Mini Ria Planters AED70

If you haven’t given in to the houseplant-mania that has taken over Instagram and Pinterest over the last few years, now is the time.Add greenery to your home for a calmer, cleaner atmosphere. Plants and flowers liven up a space.

Scared of making a commitment? Then check out these low maintenance houseplants that are ideal for the not-so-green-fingered.

Bathroom by David Scott Interiors LLC
Bathroom by David Scott Interiors LLC

Clear away clutter

It may be a little obvious, but you’ll be surprised what a different clearing up clutter will make to a space – and it’s much cheaper than renovating. Be sure to keep bathroom essentials on hand, but tuck everything else neatly away in designated storage areas. Consider custom shelving, floating glass shelves, mirrors with storage compartments and corner storage cabinets.

Don’t know where to start? The check out our guide to eliminating household clutter here. Now let the cosy nights in begin.

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