Interior designer Emma Hutton shares her tips for a better home entrance

Interior designer Emma Hutton reveals how to create a welcoming entrance, from picking the perfect flowers to eliminating clutter

Emma Hutton in her home
Designer Emma Hutton shares her tips for a warm and welcoming home

As your entryway is the first thing that guests see of your home, it should give some idea of the style that the rest of your home has to offer.

Loving start

I like to start a scheme with something that I love, such as a piece of art that I have found on my travels or something I have been given and is close to my heart.

Colour pop

I think it is important to have a little bit of your own personality in each room, and there should be a natural progression of style, starting from the entrance area, to tell the story of your life that reveals your personality. In our warm climate, we are mostly very lucky to have rooms filled with natural light. Add a little punch of colour outside, like a citrus yellow or bright pink flowers. Inside, keep it fresh with greenery – orchids and lilies are my favourite, while a beautiful scented burning candle can give a lovely feel to any space, day or night.

Organised clutter

It can be difficult to keep an entrance clutter-free, particularly if you have lots of visitors and for anyone who has children and dogs, like me. I have areas and baskets for everything, from dog leads to school bags. It’s a great way to store things and they look stylish even if they do have everything shoved into them. 

Create flow by using the same colour scheme inside your entrance as is used directly outside your home. Motifs of nature work well on wallpaper and soft furnishings, too.

Make a statement

Greet guests with a statement piece as a point of interest. Go with either a bold rug or a piece of art. For even more of a wow factor, choose both if they work well together, while a mirror placed above a console table is always a winner. Symmetry works really well, too – two lamps placed either side of the mirror on the console looks smart. Depending on how much space you have, a chair or a bench is a great addition for creating a sense of warmth. Add texture with either a cushion placed on a bench or an upholstered chair – it is also an easy way to add colour, especially if you don’t have any window treatments. 

Light it up

For reflecting the light beautifully, I love an old-style chandelier, although this option depends on your style. There are some beautiful modern chandeliers available for more contemporary homes. Use flattering, warm white bulbs and a dimmer. Some ceilings are just not tall enough for a hanging light. In this case, go to town on some magnificent lamps. 

See more from Interior Designer Emma Hutton at emmahuttoninteriors.com, and for read more tips about transforming your home here.

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