Putting in a swimming pool? Follow these expert tips

We caught up with the experts to find out what needs to be considered before taking the plunge with your very own swimming pool.

Swimming pool with sunbeds and trees
Create a holiday feel in your back garden

With summer fast approaching, many of us are considering fitting our gardens with places to cool down. Here’s how to splash out on the coolest addition to your home and make the most of Dubai’s amazing year-round sunshine with your very own swimming pool. David Russell from Pools By Design shares his top tips on taking the leap…

Getting approval

Pool plans, designs and permissions are subject to individual developer and municipality approvals, and you need to budget around Dhs20,000 for fees.

Trakhees, Dubai Municipality and DDA are the three main zoning authorities and each has different requirements regarding pool safety. Dubai Municipality requires all pools to have a safety fence but you can get a waiver letter for some developments (but do check first!)  


Once you’ve covered the costs of the approval, fitting the pool to begin with starts from Dhs100,000 for a standard 8×4-metre pool and can go up depending on your requirements. Of course, if you’re set on a flowing fountain and accompanying outdoor shower, you’re budget will need to have some give. There’s also the monthly maintenance to factor in, which is around Dhs350 for two visits per week. 

Plan before you travel

Covering a pool will generate heat, so best avoid it. Everyday maintenance needn’t be expensive – just switch off the heater, chiller and lights when travelling and hire an expert to check on it regularly. Bear in mind that if left empty for any length of time, pools get very hot, which can lead to structural and operational damage from ground water pressure.

Consider installing a shade if you have young children or if you’re not a fan of the direct sun. Photo: Alma’s pool from Habitation Design.

Leave it to the professionals

It is important to pay a professional to handle your pool’s maintenance. They are experts in handling cleaning chemicals, that can be dangerous if used incorrectly or if they get into the hands of children. Plus, you shouldn’t store dangerous chemicals in your garden/plant room – especially not with soaring summer temperatures around the corner.

Already got a pool?

If your new home already has a pool, have it checked over by a reputable pool company. You also want to know how old it is and who built it so you know where to go if there are any problems. If it’s empty, it’s a good idea to get it filled so you can check whether there are any issues before you sign the papers.

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