Nine interior design books to inspire your next renovation

Whether you’re looking for a solution for everyday decorating or you’re after guidance when designing your dream home, these books will inspire you and make a stylish addition to your coffee table

A collection of interior design books.

The key to taking on a renovation project is research. Understanding interior design through the eyes of those who have succeeded at it is the first step in achieving design-greatness yourself. Hence why we’ve started this list off with a compilation of the most proficient designers and their most impressive work.

Inspired Design: The 100 Most Important Designers of the Past 100 Years

Must-have decorating inspiration.

It is pretty self-explanatory why this is a must-have in your collection of interior books. A collection of the hundred most influential designers of the last century’s best work, it would be difficult not to find something you’d like to recreate in your own home.

Novogratz Design Fix

Solutions for every decorating scenario.

There are no two people capable of finding a solution for every decorating scenario other than design experts and TV personalities, Cortney and Robert Novogratz. In this volume, they don’t shy away from a generous offer of in-depth advice and tips on tackling a broad range of decorating situations using over a dozen projects as examples. Learn how to revive an old home, how to turn generic into buzzing with personality, and a (very) long list of design-dilemmas.

Alberto Pinto: World Interiors

The interior vision of Alberto Pinto.

Conceived by the late Parisian photographer and interior design legend, Alberto Pinto, the rich-in-illustrations book provides a ticket to the ultimate escape into the world where elegance, luxury and the depths of Pinto’s imagination intersect to create innovative and original interiors. Through detail-oriented images of Pinto’s interior transformation, adopt his expert eye for creating a perfect harmony of volume and space.

City Living

A guide to decorating apartments, lofts, studios and townhouses.

Not only acting as a guide to decorating your urban sanctuaries but also as proof that domesticity can be compact and beautiful as well as green and urban, Francesc Zamora Mola’s take on city living includes 600 full-colour photographs and diagrams featuring an international collection of fifty-five homes. The residential projects selected explicitly for this volume include designs from France, Portugal, Australia, Brazil, Japan, and more countries from every corner of the globe, focusing on tactics to efficiently and sustainably transform compact living spaces. Whether you’re looking for unique concepts, budget-friendly decisions, or practicality, this book is the epitome of showcasing the potential for any scope of living in a concrete jungle.

Classicism at Home

A testament to the virtues of traditional planning and design.

Displaying photography, meticulous drawings, and beautifully written text to envelop the extravagance of one of the world’s leading classical architects, Alireza Sagharchi’s global inspirations from a residence in Kensington Gardens, London, a chic eco-resort on the Danube. The book features models for both exteriors and interiors, as well as exquisitely manicured gardens.

More Beautiful

A look into all-American decorating.

A follow-up to interior designer, Mark D. Sikes’ best-selling first book, More Beautiful presents an homage to all-American decorating. Divided into five distinct styles inspired by the concept of surrounding oneself with things you love, the featured rooms merge vibrant palettes and patterns, ornate finishings and modern silhouettes. Get inspired and discover whether “Traditional”, “Country”, “Coastal”, “Mediterranean”, or “Beautiful” is the right fit for your home.

French Chateau Living

An insider’s tour of the Château du Lude.

Visions of pastel colourings and gold-finishings of French chateau-living cloud our interior dreams. With this book by Countess Louis-Jean (Barbara) de Nicolay, owner of a real French castle, the Château du Lude, your dreams may very well become a reality. Featuring photographs of a medieval kitchen, an Italian Renaissance studiolo, exceptionally well-preserved gardens and horse stables, it offers a glimpse into how the exquisite design has kept the property’s extensive history alive.

Living in Paradise

A guide to creating an at-home haven.

Written by Annie Kelly, an accomplished design and travel author, this carefully-selected collection of tropical residential designs is the inspiration you need to create paradise in your home. From utilizing sustainable indigenous materials to mimicking dramatic natural landscapes, accumulate eco-influences to transform your home into an idyllic space.

Ryan Korban Interiors

A fresh look at twenty-first-century contemporary spaces.

Known for his signature fashion-driven approach to home design, Ryan Korban’s use of luxurious materials and channelling of understated elegance presents a yet-untouched look at twenty-first-century contemporary homes. With this book, you get to explore the avenues of what makes a space feel new in the progressive world of today’s day and age.

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By Samira Banat

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