Why muted pink is the new neutral hue that works in any room

Pink is no longer a colour reserved for little girls’ rooms – here’s how to style a mature space using blush hues

Furniture Village bedroom
It’s easier to incorporate than you might think. Photo by Furniture Village.

Pink is the new neutral on the block

We know that neutral colours create a calming ambience in the home. But now joining beige, grey and white as a zen-å tone comes blush pink. “Pink can be a great neutral in your home,” says Nicole Butler of Nicole Butler Design. “Muted tones of the feminine shade can bring warmth to a room without commanding all of the attention.” Read on for tips on choosing and combining shades in your home. 

Furniture Village
Blush hues work well in soft furnishings. Photo by Furniture Village.

Create a contrast in the room

“Use pink to liven up a dull space by introducing subtle contrasts, such as a soft blush pink sofa in a white room, or a dusty pink throw on the bed in a fawn room. Statement artworks are an effective way to enhance a monochrome set-up,” says Nicola. 

Combine it with another colour

“If you’re worried about pink looking too feminine or young in the home, combine the colour with a complementary tone,” suggests Nicole. “For example, I like to team blush pink with deep moody greys and matte blacks – pairings that exude sophistication and class.” The more muted hued pinks go perfectly with other pastel colours, such as mauve and peach. 

Play with texture

“When you’re accessorising a room, remember that texture can make a big difference,” says Nicole. “A pale pink pillow takes on a life of its own in a lush velvet or suede fabric.” Unleash your playful side by incorporating shades of pink that you may ordinarily shy away from, as “texture adds a layer of complexity and drama to an otherwise flat colour.” 

Furniture Village Pink tones
Layering different textures is a good way to bring pink in your home. Photo by Furniture Village,

Start small

“As you would when following any home interior trend, the trick to applying pink tones successfully is to harmoniously blend them with your existing décor,” Nicole advises. Start small by introducing accessories, that way you can play around with the colour in your space.  

Keep it simple

“There are over 50 shades of pink, most of which work well together. You can combine multiple hues alongside natural textures and materials to strike the perfect pink balance without it becoming overbearing.”  

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