Unique ways to bring a blank wall to life

Give your home the wow factor with these creative ideas for transforming a blank wall

A swinging chair in a room with Floral Waterfall wall design
This floral waterfall wall design is a gentle way to brighten up a room

Walls are often the starting point for styling a room because they’re a sure-fire way of transforming the entire look. Whether you want to add warmth and colour with a textural paint or make a statement with a patterned wall, there’s plenty of choice out there, such as this Floral Waterfall wallpaper from Paper Pop, which is perfect for a child’s bedroom and can be printed as a full wallpaper or cut out as a decal…

Dining table in a room with D.Tales brick effect on wall
A brick effect adds texture to an otherwise flat room. Credit: D.Tales

Feature walls

One of the easiest ways to give a room some design clout? A feature wall gives a room tonnes of personality. If you want to create a rustic feel, choose a brick, wood or slate effect wallpaper to achieve the look without the mess, cost and hassle of the real thing. 

Margeza Design Studio, apartment in Budapest (Hungary) with plants on the wall
Take your houseplant obsession to the next level, like within the Margeza Design Studio apartment in Budapest (Hungary)

Textural transformation

Because you are decorating one wall only, you can add a lot of style to a room without making it feel too busy. There are a broad range of materials available, including leather, cotton fabrics or marble, while a vertical garden (also known as a living wall) can really bring a space to life.

XBD Collective Arabeque style- seating area
This wall transformation doubles up as a seating area. Credit: XBD Collective

Light it up

For something totally different, check out the work by some of our favourite locally-based designers, such as this stunning backlit Arabesque-style seating area (pictured above), with its accent colour, by XBD Collective. It offers a bespoke seating area without taking up any of the existing floor space.

XBD Collective, kids bedroom
Light can make all the difference to a space. Credit: XBD Collective

Creating an ambiance

Even little one’s room can be transformed with the right wall lighting. In the child’s room above, the backlit headboard uses dark navy paint to mirror the night sky, while the twinkling LED lights add the finishing touch.

Divide and rule 

Zen Interiors, living room
Sometimes, adding more walls is the answer. Credit: Zen Interiors
InDesign, wooden divider wall
A divider wall can add new dimensions to a room. Credit: InDesign

Walls are often used as design elements to separate areas, while simultaneously creating a flow between them. The addition of flowing water in the pretty wall by InDesign (pictured right) adds an additional soothing aspect.

“This decorative feature creates a division between the entrance and the living space beyond, without interrupting the views to the back of the house,” says Nemr Sidani of InDesign 

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