Fancy your own infinity pool? How to transform your home offering into a hotel-style pool

The experts at Pools By Design talk us through how they transformed this standard swimming pool into an Instagram-worthy design

Contemporary Swimming pool in Jumeirah Golf Estates
We’re taking swimming pool inspiration from this Jumeirah Golf Estates villa

We’ve all stayed in a gorgeous hotel, took a quick swim, and wished we could have all this in our own backyard, right? Well, we can’t promise mocktails on demand, but a home infinity pool? It can be done.

Taking the pictured pool as an example, David Russell – general manager at Pools by Design – said: “This was a great project to work on. The client wanted a contemporary swimming pool that is big enough to swim laps in, with a garden that included plenty of entertaining and relaxing areas.”

The original outdoor space was narrow, with a number of different levels, so the pool deck level provided the starting point. It was raised to create a seamless transition from the terrace, which leads from the villa to the pool, with the golf course views beyond. 

David and his client worked together on a pool design featuring clean lines, white tiles and infinity edges for a fresh, on-trend look. “People are moving away from traditional blue tile finishes and being more adventurous in their choice,” David says. “White is very popular and can give a stunning effect, but we also have some amazing pearlescent tiles that provide a very cool and funky finish.”

Want your own home infinity pool? Here’s how to get started:

Swimming pool view from above
Yes, this swimming pool looks just as goo from above, too

The logistics

You will first require your Development Approval for any project in Dubai. You must also obtain the relevant Dubai authority approval. Most authorities now require mandatory safety fencing to be installed, an added cost that must be factored into your budget. On most projects, without security deposits, you are looking at an approximate outlay of Dhs10,000 to Dhs15,000.

The approval process

Normal approval for swimming pool installation can take four to six weeks, but if you have all the required documents, this may be quicker. It generally takes two months from the time the approval is submitted until its signed off, although it can take as little as two weeks. so reckon on four weeks as a guide figure.

The time frame

Once all the approvals are granted, the installation time frame depends on size and type of swimming pool being installed. As Pool by Design swimming pools are bespoke, it takes four weeks to manufacture the pools, then a standard skimmer pool can be installed within approximately 20 working days. 

“The best swimming pool projects are the ones that the client has been involved in and wants to design an incredible pool with me,” says David

The maintenance costs

Weekly cleaning and regular monitoring of your water balance is a must, and reputable companies will charge anything from Dhs350 to Dhs800 per month, depending on the pool size.  

Follow Pools by Design’s David Russell handy checklist:

David Russell
David Russell

Be prepared: Put together a picture board of pools you like, taking into consideration usability, versatility and your home interior style.

Ask to see your contractor’s trade licence: All contractors must have public liability, and to get the correct development and authority permission, their trade licence must include swimming pools.

Check your contractor’s credentials: Always ask to see previous jobs. And speak to previous clients to ensure that the company you are liaising with will be building the swimming pool and not contracting it out to another company.

Be wary of any warranty offer of more than 10 years: Any reputable company will not be offering more than this.

Choose the right season for installation: Summer working hours can be very restrictive due to the uncomfortable working conditions, although this is the time that you will be less likely to use the pool due to the summer heat and holiday season. If you choose winter for the project, a quick installation is key.

See more inspiration for your pool, garden and outdoor area here.

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