Low maintenance houseplants to go green with – and how to nurture them

One of the easiest ways to add life to your home, a collection of potted plants will transform tired interiors into a stylish, vibrant abode

Home & Soul, Plants on shelf
House plants will bring a new lease of life to your home or office. Credit: Home & Soul plants

If you’ve been thinking about investing in some greenery to brighten up your abode but have hesitated over all the options out there, then let us step in and help you out.

From which houseplants to buy that are low maintenance (read: tough to kill) to the ones that add vibrancy to a room, here’s your guide to getting it right when it comes to picking out your new potted friends.

The versatile plants

Most indoor plants don’t require sunlight; photosynthesis is generated with the help of indoor light. If you’re looking for a versatile plant, the kentia palm and fiddle-leaf fig can work any room. “These are both beautiful to look at and are great air purifiers,” says Carol Sukkar of Home & Soul.

Aloe and sanservieria
Aloe and Sanservieria

The low-maintenance plants

Jean-Charles Hameau of MyGreenChapter.com recommends the Chinese evergreen, said to bring fortune and good luck; the peace lily, which thrives in low-light conditions; and the borderline indestructible money plant. “Just make sure you keep it out of the reach of small children, dogs and cats, as the leaves of this plant are incredibly toxic,” he warns.

Home & Soul plants
Home & Soul plants

The desert plants

Since we live in the desert, we may as well embrace the style of plant that naturally thrives in the scarce and heat-heavy climate.“Aloe, sansevieria and cacti have a modern looking structure and suit our desert landscape,” says interior stylist Lilly Engelbrecht.

Three ways to help houseplants thrive

Cacti plants
Cacti plants


Overwatering is a common plant killer so it’s better to err on the dry side. Feel the soil for moisture once a week. If the upper layer feels bone dry, it’s time to water. Cacti and succulents need less water; flowering pants need slightly more.


For flowering plants, their soil needs to be fertilised once a month. Non-flowering plants need their soil fertilised twice a year.


Almost all houseplants look better with regular grooming. Keep plants healthy and handsome by inspecting regularly for bugs, trimming faded flowers and leaves, and gently wiping down leaves.

After more plant inspiration? See how this interior stylist created a tropical feel to her garden by planting the ideal greenery.

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