Quick styling tips to get your home Ramadan-ready in a hurry

With Ramadan set to begin for 2020 on April 23rd, we’ve rounded up top tips and interior buys to create a warm, cosy and festive feel throughout your home

Pattern clashing living room with green curtains
Get your home feeling Ramadan-ready with inviting colours and bold patterns.

Now more than ever, it’s important to keep our spirits high with festive cheer. While we might not be able to throw open our doors and unite with our loved ones, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a special Ramadan this year.

Instead of large gatherings, we’re focusing on creating a warm space to enjoy time in.

Decorate your entryway

Leaf wreath on brown door
A fresh wreath to spark joy in others.

Brighten up your neighbour’s day and put a smile on the delivery person’s face by hanging a Ramadan Kareem wreath or sign on your front door. Online flower shop Ferns N Petals has a fantastic range of Ramadan blooms to choose from while you can order a wooden sign to write a message on from any craft store – Creative Minds never fails us. 

Set the tone with a beautiful scent

Smell can make a big difference when used to effectively in the home. Oud is especially fitting for the Holy Month, while musk and warm spicy notes are great for creating a rich yet soothing ambience.

You can find all these types of scents and more at Dr. Vranjes Firenze (available at Ounass.ae) which carries a collection of home fragrances in beautiful glass bottles handpicked to suit local tastes. “Selecting a home fragrance is an exercise in self-reflection,” says Dr. Vranjes.

The good news is that you can’t go far wrong. “Objectively there are no bad olfactory notes; the art is in finding a balance between them. The final goal is harmony.”

Add some warmth with colour and pattern

IKEA Ramadan 2020 collection
IKEA’s Ramadan collection is warm and playful.

Lebanese designer Nada Debs teamed up with IKEA to create a beautiful yet affordable 2020 Ramadan Collection, LJUV. The colour palette is brimming with soft tones that you can easily layer up. “Warm colours, ranging from red to pink to orange, will look really good as a base for your sitting area or majlis and create a beautiful glow, especially in the evening,” says Nada.

“If you want to ensure you make an impact, I would introduce those colours first and then accessorise from there.” And those on their own can still celebrate the season by adding some festive cheer with beautiful pieces in their space.

You could also make the space look cohesive by weaving pattern throughout. Geometric patterns are set to be huge this year – plus, they exude a captivating Middle Eastern flair.    

IKEA LJUV Ramadan collection 2020
You can use plates as a decorative pieces. Photo: Ljuv collection from IKEA.

Use pieces creatively for extra interest

“You could hang a brass platter on the wall, or a swathe of fabric, to create a point of interest,” says Nada. Think about creating a vignette featuring a mixture of cushions, lanterns and other objects. “Opt for golden colours that exude a beautiful light, enhanced with brass accents,” she suggests. 

Furnish a modern majlis with simple touches

You can create an Arabesque style lounge area for your family to hang out in without spending a fortune, says Nada. “Simply spread out a selection of floor cushions, add back cushions for extra comfort and introduce some small side tables – they don’t all have to match.” 

To elevate the space further, and give the space a new look – a quick lick of paint can go a long way. “Painting a wall is an affordable, quick update,” says Nada. “A warm peach shade will create a nice glow along with the lanterns and the candles.” 

Dress a formal sitting area

Living room with patterns and blue curtains
Pattern clashing adds depth to a room.

If it’s not the right time to invest in a brand new sofa, giving your
formal sitting room an Arabesque style update can be as easy as swapping out the cushions.

“Aim for a colourful selection of patterns and textiles that can be woven together alongside your favourite accessories to give your home a festive, modern look,” advises Nada. Adding a pop of colour makes all the difference, find out how to add colour the smart way here.

Ramp up the glamour for Eid

When it’s time to celebrate, you can roll out some more dramatic touches to your theme. “When styling, I like to use multiples of the same object to create a stronger concept,” says Nada.

“In terms of lanterns or candles, for example, you could place several of them next to each other – and the same goes for vases and platters. When you create repetition, it becomes more attractive and noticeable, ultimately creating a more festive feeling.”

Dress your dining table for the occasion

Creative Ramadan table set up
Make your table special even if it’s just your household celebrating.|Via Instagram: @waafiala.

Those who are hunkered down with their relatives or friends can still throw an Iftar dinner to remember.

“Start with a quality tablecloth in a warm tone, such as a reddish brick shade, which will look really beautiful against a golden platter,” says Nada. Add your choice of ceramics and glassware, and play with height when layering on the finishing touches. “I love the look of serving plates at different levels, with lots of candles placed in-between,” she adds. 

“The fail-safe centrepiece for any dining table is a vase of flowers,” says Tala Chehade, part of the creative team at Aura.

Three ways to update your dining table for Eid

Floral arrangements on a brown table
Flowers make a big difference to a table spread.

Contemporary twist

For a contemporary twist, choose beautiful white orchids, light pink peonies and Italian ruscus foliage in a glamorous gold and glass vase.

Playful blossoms

For a playful alternative, opt for tropical blossoms – such as yellow ginger with pink hibiscus and ivy – placed in a variety of contrasting coloured glass vases ranging in size. 

Geometric flare

If you love metallics, opt for geometrically designed vases in golden tones and match with vintage silver cutlery and metallic rimmed plates.

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