Our favourite local interior designers are hosting free workshops online this week

Teaming up with Vida Hotels and Resorts, Nisrine Moghraby and Lilly Engelbrecht from Harf Noon Design Studio and Escape Home respectively will take to Instagram Live to answer your home interior questions

Vida hotels reception area
Does your living space desperately need a makeover? Photo: Vida Hotels & Resorts.

Has staying home had you staring at the walls, dreaming up new ways of decorating your house? Or perhaps it’s taken being inside for you to realise that your space is crying out from some TLC.

Either way, expert advice is always welcome – especially when it’s completely free.

Starting today, you can get expert interior design advice on freshening up your home, without the leaving the comfort of your sofa. As part of their #stayhomewithvida campaign, Vida Hotels & Resorts are inviting local designers to share their advice on Instagram Live at 5pm every Tuesday and Thursday for the rest of the month.

luxury home with light blue
A light and airy space elegantly decorated by Harf Noon Design Studio.
|Via Instagram: @harfnoondesignstudio

Today, Nisrine Moghraby of Harf Noon Design Studio and Lilly Engelbrecht from Escape Home (take a peak inside) will be the first to host the Instagram live video. They will be sharing tips for creating a warm and welcoming environment by using natural textures and shapes.

Whatever direction you want to take your home in, this is a great opportunity to utilise the skill set of the two designers who are knowledgeable in local products and availability.

Nisrine is known for her luxury style statements that she effortlessly weaves into her projects. While, Lilly’s style blueprint is more rustic and earthy, you can take a peak into her her Arabian Ranches garden here.

The stylists are collecting questions ahead of the talk so head over to their Instagram pages (@harfnoondesignstudio / @escape_home) to leave yours. Those who leave a comment will be in for the chance at winning at one night stay at a Vida Hotel so it’s worth getting involved!

Rustic home with natural materials
Lilly uses natural materials to craft a warm space. |Via Instagram: @escape_home.

So with your questions at the ready, head over to the Vida Hotels and Resorts Instagram page at 5pm today for some creative inspiration. Just because we’re not able to invite the experts in right now, it doesn’t mean we can’t heed their advice.

If you can’t wait until 5pm, you can read a host of advice from local interior designers and take a peak inside their homes here.

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