5 tips for designing a practical yet stylish kid’s room with Crate and Barrel

Create a room with longevity with celebrity designer and mom Leanne Ford’s collection designed for kids and style conscious parents.

A neutral nursery by Crate and Barrel
A dreamy nursery created with the Leanne Ford X Crate and Barrel collection

If you’re a parent who loves interiors and values design, approaching your new baby’s or child’s bedroom is most likely an exciting task. A bit different from other rooms in the house, this room needs to have the potential to grow, so you’ll do well to create with the long-term in mind.

One designer who pays heed to this, whilst crafting modern and joyful pieces, is celebrity designer and mum, Leanne Ford. In her latest range with Crate and Barrel you’ll find well-made, minimal items that have been made to last. Before you start it’s a good idea to make a plan so that you can craft design-durability. Settle down with your notepad and have a read of our top five tips:

Neutral tones

If you want longevity out of your child’s room, it’s best to avoid garish prints and cartoon characters. Keep it subdued but fun. If you do want to make a bold statement, do with the bedding as that can be easily switched out when their tastes change. 

Combine function and form 

Grey and pink little girls room by Crate and Barrel
The Canyon Natural Nightstand looks effortlessly cool, while being practical. Credit│Crate and Barrel

When you’re a parent, quite often practicality trumps style in your furniture choices, but if you can find a way to marry the two, you’re onto a winner. Simple pieces, like the Canyon Natural Nightstand that have been well designed and will create a statement in your child’s room, whilst being highly useful. The trick is to pick good quality items that can transition with your child as they grow. 

Layer warm textures 

Keeping it cosy by using multiple soft fabrics and warm textures. Do this by loading up on comfy cushions that make playing on the floor more comfortable. A large rug – like the Pantherette from Crate and Barrel – is a must-have in any child’s room. 

Add quirky touches

The fun guitar rug makes this bedroom feel youthful and cool. Credit │Crate and Barrel

It’s the little touches that keep the space feeling young and fresh, so have fun with the accessories. Whether that’s a cool shaped rug or funky art piece, be sure to inject some life into the room. If your child is old enough, allow their creative desires can take form, by letting them browse online or in-store. 

Use storage that doubles as statement pieces 

Every parent knows that children have a lot of stuff, some of it pretty unsightly too – clunky fluorescent toys anyone? So, if you want to achieve a calm, minimal look, having ample storage is key. But equally, you’ll want the storage to look the part, we rate Crate’s Snoozer Storage Ottoman to store toys or dressing up items in.

Crate and Barrel is available in Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Mirdif, The Dubai Mall and online at crateandbarrel.me

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