See how this Jumeirah villa received an upmarket renovation

A look at the modern-elegant style that Anu Kewalram Interiors created in a Jumeirah 1 family home

When upsizing to a home in Jumeirah 1, a local client contacted Anu Kewalram from Anu Kewalram Interiors wanting a style overhaul from her previous home’s look. Wanting to flip the switch on the traditional dark-wood narrative that the family had used for the past decade, the client requested a bright space with limited clutter. With this as her brief, Anu knew that a backdrop of light colour and simple, yet elegant finishings were going to be key. 

“I chose to work with neutral tones with a blush pink accent, plus a mixture of metals and marble,” explains Anu. “I used lighter, creamier textures to give an illusion of an open, wider space, while luxurious suedes with practical linen sheers give a warmth to the family room.” 

An elegantly styled living room
The glamorous colour palette and natural light create a bright living room

The family which uses the living room is made up of three generations, so it was important to Anu that the, “look was suitable for each of the age groups.” To achieve this, “All the furniture was carefully chosen for its balancing combination of clean straight lines and sophisticated curves,” says Anu. When selecting a patterned wallpaper for the hallways the client was slightly apprehensive, but the risk paid off as, “She couldn’t be happier with the choice of wallpaper,” says Anu. 

White flowers on a marble table
Final touches draw the space together.

The final touches were used to add a flourish of style to the neutral room. “I added drama to the space with reflective surfaces such as glass, mirrors and metals,” says Anu. The naturally shiny surfaces create dimension as the light bounced between them. Then rugs and art pieces were added to “help draw the space together,” explains Anu, who opted for accessories in gold, cream and marble for the high-end finish the client wanted. 

How to get a subtle luxury look in your home:

Anu Kewalram shares her top five tips for creating a space that feels both bright and sophisticated.

White arm chair with pink cushion
Delicate finishings give the room a put together look

Follow the light

Opt for window treatments light in colour as opposed to dark. Choose lighter fabrics with a bit of texture to create a bright and airy space. 

Keep the base colours uniform

Choose neutral tones for the sofa and add an accent color in different textures with throw cushions or blankets. It could be any colour of your choice. The best part about using mostly neutrals is that you can update the style of your room just by changing the accessories.

Don’t over clutter

Keep the furniture to a minimum. A large 3-seater, a 2-seater, and a pair of armchairs work well in most living rooms. In smaller spaces I suggest using two 2-seaters or a single 3-seater.

Pick high-end fabrics

The more luxurious the fabrics you use, the classier the space becomes. I like suede as it gives a room an opulent feel. You don’t have to spend lots to achieve a high-end look, lots of high-street stores such as Homecentre, have cheaper alternatives.

Use plenty of metal and glass

Glass and mirrors have reflective properties and throw light around an area, which expands the space. Lustrous metals and other shiny surfaces add drama and definition. And when used in rounded forms (such as in circular tables and lamps) they soften the overall aesthetic. 

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