How to master the industrial style in your home

No longer reserved for factory conversions, this is how to implement an industrial look into your home

The industrial style
Industrial styles via @nest.co.uk and @wohn_sinn_design

No frills allowed. This style is tough by nature. The design blueprint was born at the end of the 19th century, when factories and warehouses started to be repurposed as homes and offices. Celebrating the natural materials of construction, the style commands attention with its bare bricks, brushed iron, concrete surfaces and distressed wood. 

Why we rate the industrial style

Practical and fuss-free, the industrial style is tough and trendy. It’s ideal for those who prefer to keep clutter to a minimum, as you’ll find that less is truly more when it comes to achieving this look. It works best in spaces that exude character (which is why it’s popular in factory conversions), but you can easily take your cues from such spaces and adapt them to suit your own home. 

IKEA grey bathroom
Steel toned bathroom by @ikeauae

How to nail the industrial style in your home

Alison Grace-Gahan, senior tutor at the National Design Academy Dubai, shares her tips for achieving this post-modernist style in any home

Material world. Getting this look right is dependent on the materials you use. To go all out opt for a faux brick wall and concrete-style flooring which you can pick up at Dragon Mart. Or, if you don’t want to fully commit, choose reclaimed wood furniture, (Wood & Steel, has plenty of choice), metal lamps and monochrome accessories. 

Tone it down. When decking a room in this style, go for a sparsely furnished look with a predominantly neutral colour scheme. If you want to add a pop of colour, I say do it on the walls with some striking modern art.

The soft touch. If the space is looking too cold, try bringing in some dimension by adding natural fabrics such as linen, burlap, hessian, or canvas. These materials fit in with the simplistic look while adding a warmer colour palette. 

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