Urban Modern trend defined, and how to use it in your home

Perfect for modern city living, the urban modern style blends a mix of 21st century styles to create a look that’s both comfortable and glamorous

Living room with brown leather chair and cream rug
Urban modern is a blend of contemporary styles Credit│West Elm

This modern style is all about achieving a subtle sophistication that celebrates urban living yet also provides a comfortable respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. The look is minimal, but not sparse, speaking of quiet luxury. It’s not a tick-box trend. Instead, it’s more of a cosmopolitan aesthetic that blends modern, contemporary and industrial styles. 

Why we rate it

With the fast pace of life, urban modern styled rooms are designed to create a calm, clutter-free and comfortable haven away from the bright lights of the big city. The look works seamlessly with open-plan living and a muted colour palette, benefitting from lots of natural light. 

Leather sofas and faux fur rugs are a great way to style the look. Credit│IKEA

How to nail it

Alison Grace-Gahan, senior tutor at the National Design Academy Dubai, explains how to do the zeitgeist trend of the 21st century

Mix your materials. Create interest with lots of texture, but keep pattern to a minimum. Get a coffee table that’s low to the ground and is made of stone, concrete or wood. Leather armchairs and mixed metal lamps are a popular staple. Introduce pops of colour with throws and cushions scattered on low-set, neutral-coloured sofas.

Modern masterpieces. Incorporate contemporary, aspirational design pieces. Crate and Barrel perfectly encapsulates this style, whereas West Elm and Marina Home are also great places to shop the look.  

To the wall. Command attention with a richly-coloured feature wall in a deep tone and add a calming modern abstract artwork as the finishing touch. 

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