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Fancy breakfast at Tiffany’s? Bring it to you with Tiffany & Co’s new homeware collection

As staying in becomes the new going out, we’ve never wanted to update our kitchen cupboards and dining tables with restaurant-worthy china more

Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey Hepburn
Fancy an Audrey Hepburn-worthy breakfast?

Tiffany & Co might be most recognisable nowadays for its little aqua-blue boxes containing iconic engagement rings, but the New York-born jewellers actually started out creating coveted stationary and fanciful homeware items back in the early 1800’s.

And reminding us of its roots as more than a beloved jewellery designer, Tiffany & Co has released a new line of kitchenware to add a splash of that iconic ‘1837 Blue’ colour into our homes.

Color Block teacup and saucer, Dhs355, Color Block dessert plate, Dhs245
Color Block teacup and saucer, Dhs355, Color Block dessert plate, Dhs245

The blue-green hue is named after the year the now global brand was founded.

Think delightful coffee cups, dainty dessert plates and ever-so-chic cake knives. Each item possesses the same luxury quality that Tiffany & Co is known for, being contrived from materials such as gold, silver, and bone china.

Bamboo cake serving set, Dhs1,650, Wheat Leaf cup and saucer set, Dhs1,950, Chrysanthemum cake knife and server in sterling silver, Dhs1,700.

But of course that means each piece comes at a hefty cost, with prices starting from Dhs220 and stretching up to Dhs6,650.

While such items might brighten up coffee and cake mornings as we stay home and simply pretend we’re at our favourite cutesy coffee shop, the latest update could also help pass the time indoors, too.

tiffany co mugs and plate
Manhattan Map Mug in Bone China, Dhs555, Flora & Fauna Fern plate, Dhs220.

Elsewhere in the collection are a packet of playing cards in a leather pouch, a triangle and ball set and a sterling silver domino set.

Are you tempted to invest in a statement piece or kit out your kitchen entirely? If so, all pieces can be bought at Tiffany & Co’s flagship store in The Dubai Mall, and if you can’t wait until our self-isolation days are behind us, then items can be delivered to your door, too.

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