From tween to teen: How to bring a grown-up yet practical feel to your teenager’s bedroom

Interior designer Kristina Georgakopoulos from Eclectic Living shares her top tips for styling a teenage bedroom design that’s both practical and personal for your not-so-little one

Teenage bedroom design double bed bean bag white shades wicker
Kristina Georgakoloulos talks us through her teenage daughter’s bedroom and how she added a more grown-up feel

Whether you like it or not, your little one is growing up. And while we can’t promise to help with teenage rebellion, tantrums and everything else in between, we can at least help bring a little order to their lives thanks to a cleverly designed bedroom.

Because as kids cross over into the teenage years, a space of their own becomes crucial. Designing one that both suits their practical needs –revising for exams, sleepover sessions with friends, hiding away for the weekend from little brothers and sisters – and reflects their personal style will help them feel happy at home.

One person who knows how to strike that balance perfectly? Interior designer Kristi Georgakopoulos. Taking her own teenage daughter’s room as an example, she talks us through her top tips for making that interior transition.

Interior designer Kristi Georgakopoulos’ top tips for decorating a teenager’s bedroom

pink red and pattern throw and pillows on bed
A double bed will make then feel more mature and will stand the test of time

Double up

If you have the space, upgrade their childhood bunk beds or single bed into a double. It’ll bring a more mature look to the room and be more comfortable for them as the start to rapidly grow.

To ensure them the best night sleep before exam season approaches, the right bedding can make all the difference, too.

Back to black

If you’ve already got the perfect curtains but theirs don’t block out all the light, consider installing blackout blinds behind them to aid a restful night’s sleep, which is crucial for teens throughout exam times.

wooden trunk bedside table, pink lampside next to bed
A variety of lighting options will help them see their room as a multi-functional space

And relax

Make thier room a haven for relation by adding a comfortable bean bag or chair for them to chill out on.

Store in style

Teens tend to accumulate a lot of stuff, so factor in plenty of storage for all their belongings. Cabinets with doors are a good way to go, as the clutter is hidden from sight so keep the room looking tidy at all times.

Need more storage inspiration? See these clever interior buys that help bring order to your home.

Wooden Storage cabinets with doors
Smart storage that hides away clutter can make all the difference


Now is the time to start preparing them for the adult world – and that’s one where they have to clean up for themselves. Add a laundry basket make it clear that throwing their dirty laundry negligently on the floor is no longer an option. The hope is, it’ll help install a self-starting attitude so they can begin sorting their own laundry once the basket begins to overflow.

If that’s a success (here’s hoping) then inspire them to organise their wardrobes too with these five simple steps.

Creative corner

Creating a dedicated study zone is a no brainer – especially as teens work from home thanks to distance learning. Choose an ergonomic chair that’s comfortable for long revision sessions. Add a task light and some inspiring art work to brighten up their study hub.

Not sure where to start? Here’s how to design a home workspace that can add productivity.

bedroom study areas gallery wall desks
A study area that’s not fun and appealing over dull and dreary is an essential

Get personal

Add personality to the space with decorative touches that echo your child’s style, from art works to throws.

Get them involved by creating a gallery wall with which they can pin up memories and choose pieces that speak to their taste – which can be switched out over the years with relative ease and in-expense.

Light it up

Set up a variety of lightning options that can be used for different tasks, from getting ready for a party to studying and creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Because the right lighting can easily add a luxe feel to a room, without a major redesign. Winner!

Gold white and black pattern cushions and ikea pendant lamp
Cushions, Dhs139 each, Aura. Knixhult pendant lamp, Dhs175, Ikea.

Colour pop

Add colour and texture with soft furnishings and throws. It’s an easy and cost effective way to switch up the look and feel of the room as they go through different phases.

Finishing touches

Throw pillows instantly make a room look more put together. Plus they’re easy to throw on and off the bed without becoming a hassle for busy teens.

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