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Three-ways Ideal Standard is shaping the modern bathroom

B Living UAE X Ideal Standard │From slick colourways, to digital events, we take a look at Ideal Standard’s 360 approach to design

Ideal Standard modern bathroom
Ideal Standard are so much more than a regular bathroom company. Image credit │Ideal Standard

Helmed in Belgium, Ideal Standard has been innovating for the last 100 years. Anyone who knows anything about bathroom design will know Ideal Standard prides itself on crafting modern design with forward-thinking technology. This year has proved no exception for the sanitary-ware company that has used the pandemic to springboard new product designs and interesting ways of interacting with its client base. Here’s a look at the exciting ways that they’re keeping things fresh in 2021:

Cool colourways

Matte black is in and it’s here to stay. Image credit│Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard is a pioneering brand when it comes to adding an element of design into a room that has historically been devoid of colour, or flair. A new finish for this year, silk black is a colourway that makes a bold statement. Elevating a bathroom from a purely functional room to one with just as much style as the rest of the home. The finish can be applied to fittings, ceramics, accessories and furniture so that you’re able to craft space with serious design waves. 

Together World Tour Series

Combining design, art and architecture, Ideal Standard is changing the game by unveiling its new products for the year through an online and physical event series around the world. The unique concept has captured the attention of the global design community through cinematic videos that combine culture and lifestyle with stylish products. Starting in Milan, they unveiled the Linda-X collection, inspired by their 1977 range by the same name. Later this year, the online unveilings will pass through London, Paris, Dubai and Shanghai, releasing new products as they go.

Sterile solutions

Intellimix tap
Intellimix tap is a hygienic solution. Image credit │Ideal Standard

An award-winning tap born from the increased need for hygiene, the Intellimix tap is a sterile solution designed for public spaces. A digital tap, with an in-built screen, it dispenses both soap and water via a sensor, so that no touching is required. Bluetooth enabled, the tap’s settings, such as how long the water should flow, can be easily adjusted through an app – which also sends notifications when it’s time for a maintenance flush. And while the optimal amount of soap and water is assured each time, it actually uses less soap and water than you would manually, making it kinder on the environment.  

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