6 expert tips on choosing art for your home according to a gallery owner

B Living UAE X Mente Art Gallery│Mohammad Zomorodian, CEO of Mente Art Gallery  in Oasis Mall, shares his six tips for finding that perfect piece

Mente art gallery
Mohammad has a range of original art for sale in Mente Art Gallery, Oasis Mall

Having the right art on the walls makes a huge difference to how your home feels, that’s why it’s important to get it right when you’re deciding what art to choose. We all know that art is an integral part of human nature, with even arly cave dwellers decorating their spaces with drawings. Therefore, it is most important to decorate your home with pieces that make you happy and that inspire you to feel good within each room and that doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune. We caught up with art expert Mohammad Zomorodian, CEO of Mente Art Gallery  in Oasis Mall to get his six tips on finding that perfect piece:

1. Define the feel you want to achieve

Start by defining the feel you want a room to have. As art is so instrumental in creating ambiance, you want to first pinpoint the atmosphere that you’re hoping to foster. That way, when you’re in a shop or gallery, you’ll naturally gravitate towards the paintings that will work within your space.  

Do be aware of the small details. The difference between a happy smiling face and a harsh poker face comes down to just a few brush strokes on the lips, so it’s important to take notice when you’re curating the mood of your home. Minor details are important in determining the overall feel of a painting, so when you’re at the gallery selecting the right one for you, spend some time closely analysing the work.  

2. Decide on the space you’ll put the art in

Have you got a big space in your hallway to fill with an eye-catching piece? Or, are you creating a gallery wall to showcase lots of designs you love? Once you know this you’ll be able to make a better selection than you would without a clear game plan. It’s a good idea to keep paintings away from natural light and the heat of the kitchen to avoid damage. 

3. Consider your personality first

Where you place the art should depend on your personality. It’s vital that you’re able to enjoy the art that you choose. That’s why I suggest introverts prioritise finding pieces for the study, bedroom and kitchen. Whereas extroverts, who may have wider social circles, should deck out the entrance, reception and dining room with beautiful designs that will make hosting all the more enjoyable. 

4. Keep in mind the rest of your home

Create a harmony with the other items in your home. When you’re selecting art for your home, be guided by the pieces that you already own, especially if they’re going to be with you for the foreseeable future. You should keep in mind the colour scheme of the items you already own and how you wish to develop it. For example, if you have a beloved blue sofa, take that as inspiration for the artwork you select so that you’re able to put together a space that has design flow.  

Mente Art Gallery
Mente Art Gallery have a variety of original paintings to choose from

5. Find a connection

If it touches you, it’s probably the right one. Art is subjective and about connection, so I suggest you take a sensory approach when deciding. This means that the piece that captures your heart as soon as you walk into the shop is probably the right one for your home. The art you choose to showcase in your personal space should have a positive effect on you, as you’re going to be looking at it every day. 

6. Consult the professionals

Even though we may try our best, sometimes it’s worthwhile to call in the experts. Having an interior designer is of course helpful, because they know what will suit your home. But if you don’t have a designer, our team of expert consultants will help advise you on the best options. 

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