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Solid wood ages, but as it does, it’s character and beauty increase. Indeed, your wooden furniture can last from 50 to 70 years when it’s looked after properly. And in a day and age where consuming less is key, anything we can do to make our items last is important. Arnaud Mouton from local wooden homeware retailers Soul & Tables talks us through caring for our items at home. 

The placement 

Avoid placing wooden furniture in direct sunlight or near an uncovered window, as constant exposure to the sun and heat can take a toll on the condition. Discolouration and fading could easily damage your item’s overall appearance. Plus, when the light is combined with heat, it will be at higher risk of drying out, which might result in the wood splitting. Conversely, excess humidity or inadequate ventilation may result in the growth of mold or mildew if the surface gets wet. So, it’s best to place your pieces in a well-ventilated room, away from
the sun. 

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Your wooden furniture can last for up-to 70 years if looked after properly. Image credit│Soul & Tables

Protecting the wood

When wood ages, it has the potential to look even more beautiful, and with proper care it will remain strong and durable for decades to come. We recommend you use coasters under hot or cold glasses to prevent them from leaving marks on the furniture. You should also clean up any spills immediately, with a mild dish soap. For extra protection try a water-based topcoat treatment. 

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Be careful with placing wood in direct sunlight. Image credit│Soul & Tables


When you need to clean the surface of your wood furniture with moisture, always make sure to use a piece of cloth that is damp, rather than wet as wood is very good at absorbing water. With warm temperatures and poor ventilation, the wood  has a higher chance of mold infestation.

Teak furniture 

Over time, teak wood will turn a lighter shade. The teak items at Soul & Tables come raw and natural without any coating. If you’re worried about stains, consider adding a protective layer of varnish to your teak purchases. We also offer a complimentary water-based topcoat which seals the pores of the timber, forming a natural protection between the wood and other substances. Regardless, spills should be removed as quickly as possible. 

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Your wooden furniture can be passed down through your family if cared for properly. Image credit│Soul & Tables

Oak furniture 

As time passes, oak furniture will darken. Our oak pieces are finished with a pigmented hard wax oil, which forms a natural coating that repels most common substances and fluids. Though the hardware oil treatment makes daily care and maintenance easier, even with this preventative treatment, if any liquid or substance is left to penetrate the wood, your furniture may still suffer a stain.

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