Four interesting ways to use tiles with RAK Ceramics

 B Living UAE X RAK Ceramics│Why we love the Maximus Mega Slabs from RAK Ceramics and how to use them

RAK Ceramics table
The Maximus Mega Slab makes a perfect tabletop. Image credit│RAK Ceramics

Gone are the days where tiles are used exclusively in kitchens and bathrooms. It’s 2022 and the humble tile, when used correctly, is now a serious design statement. But what takes a tile from standard to stunning? While it’s true that size doesn’t always matter, there’s an argument for bigger being better, as the number of grout lines are reduced, giving a sleeker finish. Of course, material is key as they must strike a balance between elegance and durability. This why the Maximus Mega Slabs from RAK Ceramics do quite so well. 

Coming in a range of effects, including marble, concrete, metal, stone, and wood, the large slabs invite users to rethink the way they use tiles in their home. Here are some of our favourite ways to use the Maximus Mega Slabs:

On your floors

The durable porcelain material means the slabs make a sound choice when it comes to practicality. Not only that, but the large surface areas also mean a modern finish and endless possibilities to showcase the designs. 

RAK Ceramics sink
Maximus Classic Carrara Grey. Image credit│RAK Ceramics

On the countertops

A newer way to use the Maximus Mega Slabs: choose the level of thickness and effect to craft a unique kitchen counter or dressing table. As the materials are both heat resistant and easy to clean, they’re a worthwhile investment. 

As part of furniture

Ideal for crafting modern rooms, using the large slabs as table tops or living room cabinets means a seamless look. Particularly suitable for those looking to achieve a minimal interior design, the large tiles say ‘simple, but stylish’.

Green marble counter
Irish XL by RAK Ceramics. Image credit│RAK Ceramics

On the walls

The various effect collections mean making an impact in any room of the home is effortless and personal. We love the elegant finishes of the Elle Marble and Preziosi slabs which can totally change a bedroom’s ambience, especially when backlit.

Shop the Maximus Mega Slabs and more at rakceramics.com 

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