How to achieve a dreamy Tania’s Teahouse style aesthetic at home with Tania Lodi

Better Living spoke to the brains behind Dubai’s uber-cute Tania’s Teahouse on her inspirations and advice for achieving her signature look in our homes

Think pink and you’re on the right lines for achieving the Tani’a Teahouse look

The iconically pink Tania’s Teahouse on Jumeirah Beach Road has earned notoriety for being seriously cute over the last two years.

Voted as the 7th most Instagrammable cafe in the world in 2019, the kitsch teahouse has become a hot-spot for tourists and residents alike wanting to snap the perfect shot.

The cafe was dreamed up by Tania Lodi whilst she was studying in Toronto. “I’ve always been an out-of-the-box thinker and a creative. I’ve been into F&B since I was young- starting with a cake and cookie decorating business in high school,” explains Tania.

Built on a love of a good tea, the cafe, quite rightly, features lots of mugs

After getting into teas while studying for her degree, she married her love of fresh brews and pastel hues, setting up Tania’s Teahouse in 2018. “I designed everything myself and poured my heart into every nook and cranny at TTH. Cake decorating helped forge my sweetly coloured aesthetic – if I were a crayon box I would definitely be all sorts of Pantone pastels!”

While our Instagram grid might be sad that dining in isn’t an option right now, why not use this time to bring a teacup of Tania’s bright and cheerful look into your home. Here’s how:

Don’t be afraid of using pink

“In the west, pink is a genderless colour (prominent in sporty brands for men as well – Nike, Adidas, Puma have hot pink and dusty pink designs), and I like to embrace the idea that pink isn’t just for a girl,” explains Tania.

“With a psychology background, I believe in colour therapy, and pink is supposed to be a soothing, welcoming hue, which just happens to be on trend at the moment.”

To get the same modern and social media #goals look at home, combine pink with “trending elements like rose gold and marble.”

Pick pieces that speak to you

“Choose elements that make you happy, light, and connected,” advises Tania. “Feng Shui is all about harmonizing your home using different elements, and that really comes from within.” You can get a similar feel as Tania’s Teahouse by “taking the time to only pick the pieces that bring you joy.”

Shop from an array of local outlets

“The home section and mug/teacups collections are phenomenal at Namshi,” says Tania.

Another favourite is Dragon Mart. “I’m a DIY kinda girl, I like feeling the textures, seeing the materials before we do out fit out. In the mall, “my go-to destinations for statement pieces are Home Centre, Maison du Monde, IKEA and The Bowery Company.”

A hip-hop inspired gallery wall

Do it yourself

An avid fan of DIY projects, Tania quotes Pinterest as providing constant inspiration. “If you’re looking at doing home re-vamps, start with a frame wall in a lonely corner of your house,” enthuses Tania.

Make your own funky gallery wall by, “getting different spray paints/paints from Ace Hardware or anywhere that delivers online, color your frames, put up your best pieces and make people stop and stare.”

Want your fix of Tania’s while you’re at home?

A self proclaimed wellness junkie, Tania and her team are running a virtual wellness week on their Instagram page until Wednesday 15th April.

Between 10am and 4pm each day there are a number of virtual sessions with inspiring experts on how to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and quarantine-related cabin fever. You can catch the schedule on their website and order from their nutritious menu on Deliveroo.

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